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Flash Fiction: Cerulean Rider

First challenge of the new year.  Check out the challenge here.  This week we had to randomly generate a title, and make a story based off the name.  I went with dragons, cause dragons are cool.

Cerulean Rider

They told me over and over that I was wrong. There were no more sea dragons. All of them had perished in the war. A war some were calling the Great War. As if it was a great thing. Races destroyed, people’s ended, civilizations crumbled that is the only legacy of the war. In defiance I stood on the shoreline and wanted.

The gentle spray of water brushing my skin as the sun beat down with oppressive heat. The water glinted and sparkled like a wave of diamonds. The sand, even threw my leather sandals, burned with midday heat.

I knelt down to my dust covered travel sack and pulled out a string of shells strung on dried out kelp. “Beliv Jora Tah Vee,” I chanted as I wrapped it around my wrists. The chant rose above waves as the sting began to glow. The waves began to rock the waves growing higher and wilder.

“Yil Tasin Welian Woe.” The second part boomed over the waves as the shells shattered apart. And a blue lightning struck the water as I was blown onto my back. The waves gently lapped over my legs. A roar echoed over the water. I sat up my hands sinking into the wet sand.

A large reptilian head lifted from the ocean. My hearted started to beat faster. Could it truly be? I scrambled to my feet and rushed into the waves. The water logged down my pants, and soaked me to the bone. The strength of waves forced me to only stand leg deep.

The dragon rose in cerulean beauty glossy, and glorious under the sun. Large luminescent eyes of the sea green watched me with intensity.

“Are you real? Or, have I finally lost my mind?” As much as I hoped it was hard to believe.

The dragon shook its body the water cascading away from it briefly revealing the sinuous body. “I am no daydream, life mate.”

“I was right, you are a life dragon, and you are the brother to my soul?” My chest felt as it was being squeezed.

The dragon bowed its head in an oddly formal gesture. “You are. What is your name, mortal?”

“Alya Tuith, I am arrow maker’s daughter.” My father had been an archer before he lost his legs in the war. Never again would he run along the mountain tops bow in hand.

Dragon claw reached down and lifted me up. He settled me on the shore. “I’m Rider Ceru, Alya Tuith.”

“What do we do now? I’m no water creature. I can’t live beneath the waves.” The idea pained me. My brother needed me. I felt it deep in my heart. Without each other we would not make it.

Rider Ceru snorted as the rippling white mane bounced around in the wind. He looked like a massive ocean wave given life. “The water witch who lives here owes the Dragonkin many favors. Do no worry. Either I will live with you, or you will live with me.”

“I’m Morie,” my people the elves of the mountains did not live with dragons. They’d next accept what I was. “I’ll live with you. My people don’t enjoy change of any sort.”

“Stubborn as the mountains they live in, the Morie are. “ The dragon eyes seemed to glitter with humor. “They always were. Living with me will not be easy. I am a warrior. I protect my people in the waves. We aren’t ready to come back the world as much as our flying kin.”

He didn’t have to say I wouldn’t be seeing my family or people for a long time. Perhaps, I wouldn’t ever see them again. Only my father held my affection at home. However, he had four sons all archers. He didn’t need me. “You need me.”

“Delina come!” The shout loud enough I slapped my hands over my ears. Even a minute later Ceru’s words echoed in my ears.

Water welled up on the sand to form shape of a woman. Slowly, she gained tanned flesh streaked with blue, hair woven with sea weed, and a dress made of fish scales. “Dragon.” The witch spoke her voice sweet and light.

“I want to cash in a favor. “ Ceru announced his tail thrashing back and forth in the waves.

Delina cocked her head as her eyes shimmered between green and blue. “What do you want?”

“Allow her live under the ocean.” Ceru motioned at me with one massive claw.

“That worth more than one favor, it will cost it two.”Delina’s eyes turned shrewd.

Ceru brought his head down to look her directly in the eye. “Are you going to really push this, witch? It is little for you. Don’t play your games with me.”

“If you don’t want to play games, don’t talk to a witch.” Delina gave a bit of a grin.

“One favor, you owe me over a dozen. If you don’t accept I won’t help with anything is paid back.” He sat back.

She inclined her head and turned to me. Two arches of light shot toward me wrapping around me. Pain flared as I felt something burst from the side of my neck. My fingers ached as skin rippled outward. My vision blurred as I collapsed to the ground. My body moved as water pooled around me. My vision cleared as stared at scenery around me. Fish flocked by, lights flickered up from the depths below.

“Welcome to your new life.” Ceru announced before me dragging me home.





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