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Planet of Jirth, Part 5

I should be more upset to leave Jirina, but the planet was hot, muggy, and dark. And, the Jirth were hard to understand. At told me about the other people in the enclave, which I learned was a small space station orbiting Jirina. Two were Runnil, one his mate, and his other brother.

One called Viirra was a Pirfectia. At allowed me to look up the profile on her. She seemed much like my own people, but very pale, white skinned, with pastel pink hair, and eyes. Short, with a very slight figure, but the profile also noting she had many companions. “Companions?”

At gave me a grim nod. “Pirfectia are a blended race these days.”

“Blended race?” I knew the meaning of both words, but I had no idea how they could relate.

“They live, and work with another race called the Krickiktar, who are instectoid race, who breed in huge hives, and are controlled by a queen. However, a disease swept over their race, killing most of the queens. Pirfectia have great mental control. They took the place of the queens for hive control. And, since the Pirfectia have been having many genetic problems, the Krickiktar help out with it.” At nose wiggled, which I had come to learn it meant he was disturbed.

The whole thing puzzled me. “How do they breed with insects?”

The laugh from At threw me off, I had grown used to the hooting, but I wasn’t sure why it was funny. “They don’t. They just control the hive. Without a voice to tell them do anything the lower level ones, do nothing. It’s somewhat complicated, but the two races need one another, but not for breeding.”

“I’m not sure, if I’m understanding, but her companion is a Krickiktar?” That, at least, I could follow.

At gave me a consoling pat on the shoulder. “Yes.”

The next alien called a Tarvin called Kall. It looked as if someone had blended a lizard with a slug. The upper body, had two tiny arms, toward the bottom of it’s torso, a long bulbous tail, and no legs. The head had a long narrow face, with large ball shaped eyes. A line of circles ran down torso, and down it’s back. “Tarvin. That is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Tarvin’s are strange, even to me. I might have to adjust your translator, because they don’t talk in the traditional sense. They use chemcials to flash light on those circles to communicate. Let me know how it works when we get there.” At responded as I could see the station getting closer.

I was already missing the Jirth.

After docking I walked out into a large, gray room filled with a variety of furniture. Viirra stood in room. In person, she seemed even shorter. Her pale pink hair braided, and she wore a matching skin tight suit. A glance over her shoulder, before striding over to us. A black tall creature covered in thick black plates, moved a few feet behind her.

“Hello, I’m Rilas.” I blurted out before anyone else could talk.

Viirra gave a cool nod. “I am Viirra of Hive Tirkite, of Kiruck.” She motioned toward the black figure. “That is my companion, do not address him directly. All of us have heard about you. At has said, in a couple of days, he hopes to do the procedure to activate your latent abilities.”

“A what?” I gave At an incredulous expression.

He ducked his eyes. “I was going to talk to you about it first, of course. It was an idea I had is all. If it works, well, let’s get you settled in first.”

Viirra seemed to stare at him with utter focus. “I see. Yes, I agree, let’s get you settled before we start messing around in your brain.”

“Thanks.” It didn’t seem to right response, but it was all that occurred to me.

She smiled. “I apologize, we are used to being in each other’s minds. But, all of us have same Mental abilities. There are many different kinds.”

“At explained to me, some of the varieties, but not in great detail.” I gave him a suspicious look. “He worried it might be too much absorb in my current state.”

Before our discussion could grow more heated, two more of Runnil ran in. Tall, furred, with strange elongated faces they made yipping sounds. Other than no words were exchanged as they hugged in one huge pile. I figured, without being told, it’s because of their telepathic ability.

A snap of fingers caught my attention. Viirra waved me toward her. “I’m sure, his forgotten your existence for now. I’ll take you to your room.”

I swallowed, but went along. Some of the old fear beat against my skull, but I pushed it down. Once again, I reminded myself I’d seen things that a few months ago I couldn’t have imagined. A little worry and fear were an easy price to pay for it. With new resolve I made it to my room without breaking down crying. What an accomplishment.

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Planet of Jirth, Part 4

The next three weeks were strange, and wonderful. At would ask me bizarre questions such as, “If there are fourteen stars in the sky, what is the meaning of the fifteen?” I would stumble around them at first, but over time they became easy to answer. I had machines hooked up to me, as I ate different foods, looked at pictures, and listened to music. I couldn’t tell you why we did any of it, but I felt a hidden place in my mind open up.

The first thing I noticed, the Jirth hated it. Priest of Jirth, the one who I had first met, would flush various colors showing its level of distress. Priest of Jirth did not like how I even enjoyed At’s company. It would linger after our testing sessions, if he stayed more than an hour, there would be always be a reason for me to leave. It even mocked tests, and how unusual they were. One day, I confronted it about it.

“The questions make no sense. How many grains of sand are in a mountain? There is no purpose to it, Teacher of Einlari.” Priest of Jirth grown swished back and forth as it paced. The skin around it’s spots deepening a soft brown.

I grinned. “Maybe. The questions don’t really matter. It is a way to of thinking.” My mind raced to find the right word. “Reaching for answers outside anything you would usually think about.”

Priest of Jirth skin flushed pink over the brown. The right eye blinked at me. Still, a race with such a flat, two sided head confused me at times. “Teacher of Einlari, you do not need to understand such things. You will teach Einlari, Go On Don is a distraction from your duties.”

A few minutes ticked by before I could get my temper under control. My duties, as far as I could tell, was to help peacefully enslave my own people. The worst part was there was no way for it not to happen. There was no law anywhere against a more advanced race taking over a primitive one. By the standards of the galaxy, the Einlari, Gelinil, or any of the people on our planet were primitive in the extreme. “Explain to me your problem with At?”

Priest of Jirth clamped the three finger hands together. “Ambassador of Go On Don only interferes with your duties. Your anger at the situation is fine, but if you do not help Jirth things will be much worse for Einlari.”

“I know.” As much as it angered me, I knew it to be true. “But, being a Mental isn’t in competition with my desire to help my people. At insists it is why I am able to understand, and deal with such huge leaps in knowledge. The more I can learn about being Mental, the better I will be able to cope with it the future. To that end it serves both our goals.”

“I desire to forbid At from Jirina.” Jirina is what they called their planet.

“Do it if you feel you must, I cannot stop you. But, then I will contact the Intergalactic Council, and announce we do not bow to Jirth.” Priest of Jirth’s complexion faded to a gray. “If other races wish our planet, I don’t see why I should let you have it. Being Mental will let me help my people, if you will not allow me, I’ll give them every chance to find a better race.”

“Other races may not be better, Teacher of Einlari.” It fidgeted the distress showing in the jerking motions of its hands.

“If you will not allow me to take care of them, then I will risk it. That’s all I ask.” I feared for our future. Our whole planet was about to be subjugated underneath the Jirth. They had restricted what I could learn on their network. I needed unbiased data, and powers beyond what I already had.

A hooting laugh broke the tension. At stood in the doorway. “Come now, Priest of Jirth. You see she must go to Go On Don enclave nearby, and start her training. She indeed, a very powerful mental. Agree to it, and agree you will allow us to look for more Mentals, whenever we wish, among her people, and we will not oppose you.”

“How do you know our conversation?” Priest of Jirth words came in a rush.

“I’m a Runnil, I hear everything, always. Agree or no?” At spoke his eyes gleaming in the light.

“Take the Teacher of Einlari, Leader of Jirth must discuss the rest of your proposal.” Priest of Jirth seemed to collapse in on itself.

At sent me a smile. “The ship will be ready in a few hours, and I need to brief you on who you’ll meet.”

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Planet of Jirth, Part 3

As we walked around the strange gray grounds my nerves eased. At moved beside me in quiet. The pieces in my mind clicked together as time passed. Finally, I was able to talk. “Tell me.”

“The Jirth did not believe in or support the Go On Don. It goes against many of the fundaments their society is built upon.” At paused.

“In what way?’ I did not understand much of the Jirth. If this Runnil could explain their society, it would be beneficial.

Silence prevaded as quiet thud of our feet filled the air. “Jirth society is based on giving up all individuality for the benefit of the group. There is no one person, or thing, everything is joined in a single unified goal. Their race is descended with an insectoid race, so it does not surprise me. People of great mental ability, or more commonly known as Mentals, are very low percentage of their race. And, even the ones they have been quite weak.”

The concept of insectiod still a bit strange to me. People who are insects, I shook my head. “Why aren’t they powerful Mentals?”

At gave me a look I could not decipher. “Genetics.”

“Genetics?” The term was completely unfamiliar to me. A single thought could not be summoned in relationship to it.

The strange hooting sound returned, as At slapped his leg. “The Jirth did not tell you about genetics.” He shrugged. “I suppose they didn’t need to know about being a ‘teacher’.”

“What does Teacher mean, to the Jirth, exactly. I have a vague idea, but I don’t understand the full depth of it.” It was disconcerting to be called a title, which you didn’t really comprehend.

At paused for a second. His glossy black nose wiggled. “I’m not sure if I can easily explain it. Jirth have many different castes, or groupings. The teacher is generally someone higher up in the hierarchy, but is exclusively involved in educating younglings, or youths. They aren’t expected to have advanced knowledge of any kind. Jirth realize that other races do not have everyone assigned to a specific job. Generally, when they encounter someone, or try to add them to their society they pick whatever role they performed that has highest ranking.”

I glared at the thought. Personally, I had always found the fact I ran an entire district my greatest achievement. Not teaching children how to use their figures, and words. “Educating young children hardly seems higher rank than administer.”

“To you perhaps.” At grinned with all his sharp teeth showing. “But, since Jirth only live for society, educating children to serve is a great honor.”

I made a disgruntled snort. “Okay, explain genetics.”

At clicked his tongue for several minutes. “I’m not sure I can.”

“Try.” I smiled.

“’Genetics is what makes everything what it is. A flower knows whether or not it’s purple or pink, because of it.” He rubbed his forehead, and came to stop. “I’m probably over simplifying it.”

Hmmm.” I patted his arm. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll research it later. But, genetics are different for everything. And, that’s what makes a Jirth a Jirth, and Einlari, an Einlari?” My mind reeled a bit from the implication. I swallowed down the bile that had risen in my throat.

At huge eyes blinked. “Don’t let it upset you. But, you are a Mental, I’m certain. The Jirth won’t approve of it, but I would like to run some tests with you over the next couple of weeks, and stay with you as the Jirth continue to educate you, if that is acceptable to you?”

“Let me think about it.” I could not explain how relaxing it was to talk to someone who seemed to think more like the people I came from. Yet, it was hard to grasp I might be something other than an Einlari. A Mental, the word disconnected from my old knowledge, and my new. How could I have a great mental ability? My father was a farmer, and my mother an innkeeper. What if it was true, that was the real question? I ran into this situation, and accepted it. I would not let go of an opportunity, because it scared me.

The door to the office wasn’t far away. I turned to At. “Might as well find out. I’ll be glad to take your tests.”

At sharp teeth flashed. “I’ll inform the Go On Don, and I’ll look forward to spending a few weeks with you.”

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Planet of Jirth, Part 2

Author’s Note: Sorry, about the late post had some dental work done, and slept through my deadline.  Hope you enjoy the story!


The ride took a while, my stomach did little flip flops when all motion stopped. Priest of Jirth stood up as the door opened. With a bit of a jog to keep up with its pace, we made it back above ground. The area here was clear with more of the pilant material and the ‘trees’ trimmed back. A circular building in dark gray stood with many Jirth standing around it, and going in and out.

“Teacher of Einlari, come now. Go On Don representative is waiting inside the Office.” Its voice broke in my observations.

As I rushed after the Priest of Jirth I realized it seemed worried about this meeting. As far as I know Priest of Jirth never hurried, and always moved at its own pace.

The inside of the office was plain, done in gray. A turn down a dark hallway let us to a round room with a half circle desk, and five rounded chairs. A Jirth stood behind the desk, but in front of it was an even taller, furry creature with an elongated face, and large black eyes. The furry creature bowed in my direction. “I greet you from the Go On Don. From the file you are called Administar Rilas, yes?”

The voice was lovely, with a musical lit that reminded of singer I once knew. An echo of the words repeated in my mind. I wondered if it had some ability to project its thoughts. “Yes, the Jirth call me Teacher of Einlari, however.”

“I am Ambassador of Jirth and I greet you Teacher of Einlari. Jirth will exit, and allow Go On Don we’ll leave you to talk.” Ambassador of Jirth grabbed the arm of the Priest of Jirth half pulling it out of the room.

Go Oo Don representative did not say anything until they had both left. Once they were gone, it flashed a row of sharp teeth before settling into a one of the chairs. “Sit. I am glad they are gone, we can have an honest dialogue between us.”

The seats were very padded, and I enjoyed it on my still sore bones. “Do you think the Jirth inhibit honesty?”

The creature flashed it’s teeth, again. “They have their own concerns, as do you. I am a Runnil, called AiTiBe. You can call me At, it is a nickname many other races call me. I am also letting you know I can read thoughts as easily as one can read paper. I cannot turn the ability off, it is always active. I apologize, but it is a part of my nature.”

That seemed honest enough to me, which pleased me. “Thank you.” To be truthful, I didn’t fully understand what it meant. “So, why did you want to meet me?”

“What have Jirth told me about Go On Don?” At folded its long bony hands in it’s lap.

I pinched my lips together in thought. “Not much. You work with people who have powerful mental abilities.”

At made a jarring hoot sound. “I am male, since you are wondering. What they said is true, but it does not truly dig into the reality of it. May I show you, connect our minds together?”

“I think it would be helpful.” I reached out my hand, and he wrapped a furry hand around it.

A feeling of sheer intensity overwhelmed my mind as knowledge pumped into it. Sensations, sounds, and beats filled every thought. I felt my eyes close. My body began to shake, and twist a little. The flow stopped. “I…” I swallowed. “I understand, but it is a jumble.”

“Take a moment. Let me tell you about why we wished to contact you.” At resettled his hands in lap. “Your ability at accept a new reality, and information far ahead of your race evolution is impressive. The fact you are able to absorb such information hints that you have great mental ability. We went to use some equipment we have to see what abilities you may have, and if you have some activate them.”

The reeling sensation faded off, and my mind seemed to be sloshed. “Can we go for a walk?”

At nodded. “Of course.”


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