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The Rebel’s Rise, Part 4

Harl’s shout caused me to jump.  “Little girl, get over here and impress me.  If you can.”  

Gulla straightened her back and strutted over.  Arrogance apparent in every movement, with a flick of disdain toward Harl.  I could see the bravado, now, for what it was. 

Amaria stepped out of the shadows beside me.  “This I must see.”

 I glanced over my mind shocked at the warmth in her voice.  For once the many burdens she carried seemed lightened. Shocked cries caused my head to whip around as I felt my jaw swing open. 

 Gulla ran faster than my eye could follow through a field of sharp, broken metal.  As she jumped up to the suspended tube she lost her balance as a piece of metal gouged a part out of her leg.  She didn’t even pause.  She dug her knives into the plastic forcing her neck break speed even faster.  She flipped over the first wall by leaping out of the tube, landing on next barrier with a reverberating thud. Her arm pulled up the wall, and dashed up another wall.  She slipped off one the walls and crashed into the ground.

 I shot forward to help.  A hand pressed against my shoulder. “Don’t, Vallen.” Amaria’s silky voice flowed into my ears.

 Gulla stood up, wiped the blood off her face. Without a backward, glance she sprinted toward the beams.  A leap from one to the next with flawless moves. Off the final beam, she made a huge jump in the air, and landed with a bow.  Gulla limped toward AmariaAmaria wrapped her arm around Gulla.  Gulla straightened her dark eyes narrowed, she shouted.  “Did I impress you?”

 From even across the field I could see the scowl on his face.  Harl shouted back.  “Bring me the tech, girl!”

 “I’ll help heal your injuries,”  Amaria said.  She yanked her a knife from her belt. Her fingers pulled Gulla’s pant leg from her flesh. The knife sliced the fabric away. Amaria ran her fingers up and down Gulla’s leg.  The torn flesh started to knit together.

 Gulla brushed her off. “You worry too much, I’ll heal.”

 “I don’t think you worry enough.”  I could already see the bruises and welts rising on her skin.  “You are still young.”

 Gulla shrugged holding her shirt up to her nose.  She tugged it away for a moment. “I needed to show off and I did.  Goal accomplished.”

 Amaria let out a loud, protracted sigh.  “We should go get the tech from where ever you have hidden it. There isn’t much point in delaying the inevitable.” 

 I left them to go check on my men.  They had stopped working, and prepping the guns for tonight’s mission.  “Get back to it.”  Half of them jumped up as if caught.

 “Is that little thing really Gulla? Do you think she has the tech?”  One of the guys asked, his eyes round, and the light of hope touching his face.

 “Yes, and I don’t know.  But, that has nothing to do with tonight.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, because you still have to survive.  Get to it.”  The snap in my voice caused them to exchange nervous glances.  A bit of guilt hit me.  For so long we had been without hope.  However, being distracted would get them killed, I couldn’t have that.

 Harl bellowed for me.  I sent them one more intense glare before heading back to him. 

 His massive arms pressed against his broad chest.  “You are sure the girl is who she says she is?”

 “As sure as I can be.  She looks like Gulla, she talks like her, she has my sister’s smile.  Can I hundred percent guarantee, not really.  They alter genetics pretty heavily these days.  Who’s to say anyone is who they say they are.”  I batted my next comment around a bit before committing to it.  “Amaria wouldn’t have brought her around if she had any doubts.”

 Harl grunted. He never liked Amaria.  He might have if he didn’t know what she was.  She was more or less an alien who talked, moved, and behaved like an Alaget. At times I wish Amaria had only told me about her secret.  It would never sit well with Harl. Being a Star Child was curse enough. 

“She’s on our side.” My usual rebuttal to Harl’s doubts.

 His bushy brows flattened.  “I don’t know about that.”



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The Rebel’s Rise, Part 3

Gulla rolled her eyes. “It enhances genes. My parents were working a way to make it cheaper, easier, and more effective.”

“To what extent? I wish we had someone to showcase what it can do.” I knew from the unfocused expression Harl mostly was talking to himself.

Her impish little face broke into a smile. “I can demonstrate. Set up an obstacle course, or something. I’ll impress.”

Harl shot me a look which indicated he found her amazingly annoying. “Fine,” He turned around and started to bellow out orders.

Amaria, you should have told me.” She knew Gulla was my sister’s daughter. Amaria’s shoulders flowed upward, and collapsed. “Ties of family confuse me more than they clarify anything, Vallen. You gave your heart to her family, this I know. But, she did not know you. As far as she knows you are a stranger. Would you have forced a stranger on a child who witnessed her parents’ murders?” She knew the answer to that.

“I can make up my own mind. I’m not a child, I’m sixteen.” She announced as if there was a difference.

I could see a bit of her mother in the face. Her features had been altered with a great deal of symmetry. One of the side effects of enhancing that became a mark of pride. “You’re a child to me. I can still remember you chewing on plastic blocks.”

A flush turned her face red. “That was rude.”

“You are rude.” I kept my tone level. I didn’t appreciate her nasty words toward Harl.

“Maybe so, I’ve been on the run since I was fourteen. I didn’t even meet Amaria till a few months ago.” She looked away from me. “I’ve killed.”

Shame and sorrow caused me to flinch. She might look like a tiny girl, but she had to grow up fast on the run. Gulla should have grown up trusting me, and the rebels. Instead, she grew up fighting. I thought they had all died. The Nobles cleaned up all the bodies. What bastards leaving a young girl vulnerable so they could hunt and kill her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t even think you were alive, no one did. We should have checked.”

A strange, wise look came over her. She gave me a half smile. “How would you know? They did it deceive you, and it worked. No surprise. I know you are friends with Harl. My parents never liked him. I don’t like how his running this war.”

Amaria stepped the shadows fading into them. I turned my attention to obstacle field. Harl was going full out. Tall walls to climb, barrels to climb through, a field with twisted bits of metal across it, and some tattered beams very low to the ground. I would have found it gruelling, and I had been fighting a brutal rebellion for years. Gulla looked undisturbed.

Harl swaggered over. “What do you think?”

She ran her eyes up his physique. “You think it’s impressive, so it’s good enough.”

“How so?” He cocked a brow at her.

“I need to prove to you about my abilities. If you think it’s tough, then I’ll amaze you. She tipped her head to the side looking up at him.

Harl shook his head. He threw a glanced my way. I smiled. He didn’t have to say it. I could tell what he was thinking. The little girl was cocky, and bold. And he’d enjoy watching her fail.

I wasn’t sure so sure her bravado was unearned. Amaria wouldn’t have brought her around if she couldn’t do what she said. If she’d been on the run from the Nobles for two years, she was no pushover. A question overwhelmed me suddenly. “Gulla, what happened to your brother Anth?”

Her dark eyes turned toward me. Her fingers brushed my arm.

A burning explosion filled my head.  My vision blocked by metal grates as I looked upon my sister, her husband, and Anth playing in a living room.  A knock at the door as my sister answered it.  “Gab, what are you.”  Her words cut off as bullets cut into her body knocking her on the ground.  The man grabbed my nephew attempting to flee, but the bullets got him and he went down.  Anth bawled as he was covered in blood. Gab, I assume, strolled in.  He kicked my brother-in-law’s body over, and calmly put a bullet in Anth’s head.  The vision faded as I staggered to my feet.

The boy had barely been old enough to walk. Her parents called him their little miracle. Things are degraded so much in the last few years. It was hard to imagine at one time the world hadn’t been in utter chaos.  “Gulla, you can share memories?” I barely got the words out.

She dipped her head, eyes glossy, and bright.  She bit down on her lip.  “Don’t tell anyone.”  Her eyes locked onto Harl, “Especially, not him.”

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Opal and the Fool

Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig this week is to blend sub genre into some strange, mutant beast.  I got Zombie Apocalypse and Southern Gothic.  Two genres I would never normally write it in.  In fact, I think this is my first zombie story, and first southern gothic story.  


Opal and the Fool

The hiss of a snake behind me caused me to turn around and frown at my room mate Deon. I knew very little of his magic making, he wouldn’t call it voodoo, he said it was his own brand. Honestly, I didn’t care. It kept the zombies out. That’s all that matter. I hammered the last nail into the board. The zombies had gotten riled up by the weather and tore up some of my boards. Though, Deon’s spell, or whatever, kept them out, I didn’t want to encourage other people to join us in our little home.

Opa, we don’t need the boards.” Deon felt we had protection, so we should leave free. What an idiot idealistic.

“Deon, seriously. We are survivors, of the end of the world. I’d prefer if no one knew were holed up in this bar. Not everyone out there is someone, I’d like to live with.” A pounded the bar once more, before turning hands on my hips.

Deon flashed a big white smile against his dark skin. “No need to get all huffy wit me.” He put on a thicker accent to look charming. Quick tip, it isn’t charming.

I rolled my eyes, and stepped over to the bar. The owners left all the liquor. With a rag I wipped out a cracked glass and poured some cheap vodka and took a sip. “We might need to go scouting. In order to set up the security system, I need more wiring, and a few replacement lenses. One of the outdoor camera’s cracked.”

Deon jumped around snake slithering over his back. “You realize their are zombies outside. Zombies who eat people.” He held one hand and gnawned on it with his teeth. “I know you aren’t the smartest gal, but I figure you understand that.”

“I though you were an all powerful magic man, or whatever you are. And you could protect me against the big bad zombies.” I fluttered my eyes at him.

His shoulder’s slumped. “Its risky.”

“Well, duh,” I retorted choking down the rest of my glass. “However, I don’t want anybody, zombie, animal, or human sneaking up on us. I got the back alley rigged with security and traps. The front is only protected by spells, and a few slapped up boards. I don’t feel secure. We are growing food in the back.” I shook my head.

Deon chewed on his thick, delicious looking lip. “Opal, I don’t know. I mean, there only two of us. We really should get some others here.”

“Who would you entrust our lives to exactly? The people we got out with, are going to be risking their lives. They are going to want something in return.” I started out calmly, but I ended with yelling.

“I have an idea.” Deon and I worked well, because he ignored my shitty temper, and I ignored how stupid he was. “I have a cousin, and sister that live in another one of this business on bourbon. I’ll call them up and maybe we can arrange to live together. They’ve had a hard of it. Their good people.” Yeah, as if, I’d take Deon’s word for anything. He’d let satan in if that guy was polite.

However, he was right. I’d never admit it outloud, but we couldn’t keep going out on our own. “Fine, call them. They meet us here and tell them to their weapons ready. You need to redo, whatever you do, to my sword. It wasn’t killing the zombies as quick last time. I stomped up to small apartment upstairs to wait til Deon got everything arranged.


We stood outside my machete in hand. Deon’s cousin, and sister watched me suspiciously. The guy, Davis, and the chick, Mara had a gun, and bat each. The didn’t add anything good to street, it looked worse than after the hurricane. “Okay, now that we shook hands, and all that crap, let’s go.” I turned swinging the machete in a lazy circle. No zombies in sight. Deon kept chanting and throwing some dust around.

“You go out often, like this?” The girl spoke up her voice rich like a good wine.

I shrugged.

“No a talker.” Davis snapped at me.

I smiled, since they couldn’t see my face. “I don’t care. You can live with us, we got food, liquor, protection, and I get more people to do my runs. We don’t have to be buddies. ‘Sides, ask Deon, I’m a thankless bitch.”

That shut both ot them up. For next half our all I could hear was animal sounds, and rough scrapping sound of zombies. My whole body was tense waiting for something, anything to go wrong.

A scream punctured the silence. I held up my hand, as I stepped forward scanning. A woman sat up top of a car holding bundle. A whole mess of zombies surrounding her trying to pull at her. She wasn’t going to make it. “All clear, they are attacking someone else.”

Mara yanked on my arm. “We can’t leave her there.”

I lifted my eyebrows as I stared at her. “Do you really want to save someone, a complete stranger? I mean, really?”

Deon stopped chanting. “Opal, that’s a person there. They are going to die. There aren’t many people left.”

I put my head in my hand. “You people are insane. Are you really going to fight me on this. It could be a trap. Their might be even more zombies wandering around. And, you want to risk our lives, and everything else to save one woman.”

All of them stared at me with their matching liquid black eyes. They didn’t have to answer, I could read it.

I didn’t answer I turned and started running at them. “Hey, stupid faces look at me. I have a weapon, and I’ll kill you.”

They turned as one and lurched at me. I rolled slicing out with the machete zombie blood, violet, and moans filled the air. A gross, slimy hand touched my face. I slashed out as I climbed up onto the car.

The woman grabbed onto me sobbing. “Thank you, thank you.”

“Lady, let the hell go I’m fighting.” Even as I said it brought the blade down on one their heads. “Fire.”

A few bullets flew shattering the zombies apart around the car. My eyes flicked around the area, before I let out a breath. Not a single one around. “Get off the car. If zombies come after you don’t climb up. They aren’t smart, but they will eventually figure it out. Go into a building, and go the the bathroom, and barricade the door.”

The woman nodded her eyes staring at me all hero worshipping. I sighed. “Before you start, you should thank them. I wasn’t going to save you.” I jumped off the hood of the car.

“Wait, how are they dead. You didn’t chop up their heads.” She took a careful step down as the other three ran up.

Its my own special mojo, I’m Deon. That’s Davis and Mara, do you have some place to stay?”

I couldn’t believe it. The idiot, fool, stupid, ignorant southern hick. “Deon,” I shouted. “We know nothing about her. She could be anyone.”

He frowned his dark eyes rounding into circles. “She seems nice.”

A quiet chuckle caused me to duck as a shot missed me and hit Davis right in the chest. The woman held a gun in her bundle. I jerked my machete out catching her in the thigh. She fell and fired again. Luckily, she missed. I jumped up. Another swing a the gun, plus her hand went flying. “What the hell?”

She smiled up at me. “I remember you, Opal. You killed my family so could live.”

“I probably did.” The wave the machete at Davis. “He alive.”

Mara knelt down, and pressed fingers to her neck. “No, dammit.”

“Alright, strip his weapons, and let’s go.” Deon bent down grabbing the items and started to chant.

The woman let out a cry. “You are going to leave me here, to be eaten by zombies?”

I tilted my head at her. “’Course not, you’ll bleed out in a few minutes. No way, they’d be able to find and eat you by then.”

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The Rebel’s Rise, Part 2

Her attitude started to get on my nerves.  I’ll admit the rebellion was not going well, and had been not going well for a while. Our camp was a collection of ship debris welded together. Our fighters were going up against genetically enhanced guards.  Most of the ‘citizen’s, all who were not noble, weren’t enhanced even a little.

In order to win any engagement we either had to get in and out fast, or hit with overwhelming odds.  And, slowly we lost more people, and it was harder and harder to win at all. Still, what did a child know.

Her eyes went from my head down to my feet.  “I know enough.  I learned all about strategy, and tactics before I could talk.  I’m quite enhanced. All of this thanks to my parents.”

A moment passed before I realized she felt my emotions, or read my mind. Either answer disturbed me quite a bit.  “Regardless, it isn’t Harl’s fault. So, why are you needling him?” I hazarded a glance at Harl.  I could tell he didn’t appreciate me talking for him.  Tough.

“He failed my parents.”  Her eyes whipped back to him.  “You were suppose to protect them. You were supposed to bring the tech back to the rebels so the war would go in your favor.  You failed on both counts, didn’t you? My parents, my siblings dead, and you didn’t gain anything.”

Harl and I exchanged a look.  For all her adult behavior and vocabulary, she was a child hurt, because her family was gone.  She had to be the eldest.  “Gulla.”  She had my sister’s eyes.

To my utter surprise I found myself hard on the ground, a blade pressed against my throat. “How do you know my name?” My body stung, but I didn’t remember how it happened.  She must have increased reaction time.

I kept my voice steady.  Harl had a hard time holding everyone back as it was.  If I started to sound panicked someone would get hurt.  “I’m your mother’s brother.  I joined the Rebellion early on I used you when you were a baby.  But, then the rebellion got serious, and I had to go into hiding.  They’d leave care packages for me with your picture in it every once a while. Harl was friends with your parents too.  He tried to save them.  He isn’t perfect, and he didn’t.  There is no betrayal here. You feel like you have no one trust, but isn’t true.  We want to make a new life without the Nobles walking around with all the power.”

“I would not have brought you, if they couldn’t be trusted, Gulla.”  Amaria cool voice flowed over us.

I realized Amaria had known about this girl for a while.  A girl she should have told me about.

Harl took a lunge forward grabbing Amaria and giving her a good shake.  “You kept this from me? I thought you were devoted to our cause.”

In typical form Amaria didn’t react to being shaken, she only glanced at the beefy hand wrapped around her slim arm.  “I am. However, Gulla is her own person.  Young perhaps, but she is allowed her own decisions.”  Her odd gaze locked onto Harl’s.  “I have a strong desire to allow others the freedom to make their own choices.  She desired to come here.”

He tossed her arm away, and switched his attention back to Gulla. “Why did want to come here? Not to only insult me I assume.”

The knife left my throat, as she climbed off me. Gulla straightened her back, her hands on her hips.  “You wanted the tech.  You need it.  You can’t possibly take on the Nobles, and their guards without it.”  She glanced over at Amaria real quick. “I have it.”

At that moment the area broke in a cacophony of noise. I couldn’t tell if some disbelief, or if others were excited.  Too much noise, and too many voices.  Harl clapped once, everyone went silent. “What can it do?”

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Corpse in a Different Nightmare

Another Chuck Wendig challenge!  This was crazy fun.  This time we used a random title generator.  And, I got Corpse in a Different Nightmare, which sounded so awesome I had to do something with it.  This story ended up kind of zany, a bit weird, just my style.  


Corpse in a Different Nightmare

I woke up dead.  Huh, that’s a weird sentence.  Even weirder I think I’ve heard it before.  I sat up my whole body numb with no pulse.  The knife still sticking out of my neck.  I tapped it with my finger I could feel it vibrating there for several seconds.  It didn’t hurt.  I felt it should hurt, so I winced, but nothing happened.  With a shrug I ripped it out my throat. The whole thing was so bizarre I couldn’t process it. 

I lay on a pile of trash and several bums snoozed across from me on their coats. The air smelled nasty, piss, trash, unwashed bodies, and probably my dead body.  My limbs were all stiff as I shoved myself onto my feet.

The sudden need to see what I looked like overwhelmed me.  “Hey, do you have something I can use as a mirror?”

One snored, the other waved me over.  “Yeah, yeah, you got any money?”

I rolled my eyes, and dug into my pocket, the guy who killed me didn’t take my wallet, what luck.  I pulled out a one, “Here.”

He slapped a metal plate in my hand.  “How drunk were you to fall asleep in this alley?”

“Enough,” I snapped as I held up the plate.  A bit blurry, but I mostly looked the same, besides gross from sleeping in the alley, and blood spilled down my shirt.  Of course, I was always pale and sleepy eyed. “Thanks.” I dropped the ‘mirror’ beside him.

The first thing I needed to do was get a new shirt.  Since, nobody had found my body yet, I doubt anyone knew I was dead.  My apartment wasn’t too far away as I took a fast walk back to it.  The shabby, run down building only requires an access code to get in.  I ran up the stairs at top speed.  The whole while I was thinking how much less painful it was going to be getting around. Running didn’t hurt, walking didn’t hurt, and going up the stairs didn’t hurt, so far being dead was better than being alive.

The keys rattled around in my hands as I flung the door open. I peeled off my clothes leaving them in a pile. I showered really quick and tossed on a new set.  As I was examining my neck wound, which looked like a scar now, a powerful, painful hunger seized my stomach.

I fell to my knees with a cry.  With a moan I crawled over to a bag of chips ripped it open and ate them.  The hunger didn’t shrink at all.  Crap, am I going to have to eat people.  The idea caused my stomach to turn, which made the whole thing even more painful.

I needed to eat.  Maybe, I’ll go eat that guy who killed me. If anyone should suffer I’d be that dick.  All ‘cause his cheap girlfriend had her hands all over me.  And, I told her to piss off.  I can’t believe I was killed over a girl I didn’t even like.  With an agonizing move I straightened my body. I hauled myself down to his apartment.  Yeah, he lived two doors from me.

A few sharp knocks and the door was flung open.  His dark eyes went wide, staring at me.  He blinked several times.  “Gary?”

“Yeah, it’s fucking Gary.”  I slapped him back into the apartment.  “You killed me, over Liz.  I can’t believe you.  Now, I’m undead or something.  And, I’m hungry.”

“Gary you shouldn’t have touched my girl.”  He stuttered reaching for a bat.

A yowl of laughter escaped me as I held my sides.  “You are going to say that to me, after killing me? You think that’s a good reason to kill someone, Ben? Really?”

“Don’t kill me.”  He wailed holding his bat with unsteady hands.

I leapt forward with ease I never had in my life, my hands around his head, and I twisted.  An ear splitting crack filled the air as Ben dropped over.   I was a bit shocked. I’d never even been in a fight till today. Special undead powers are a part of the package, I guess.

A quick scan as I saw a knife. I used it to cut his arm. I took a lick of the trail of blood.   The warm, metallic taste coated my tongue, and I didn’t feel any less pain.  “Okay, Gar, maybe you’re a zombie. Take a bite.”

My eyes squeezed tight as I pushed my teeth in and pulled.  A bit tore off, I didn’t bother to chew, and I swallowed it down.  The pain remained.   Now, I felt sick, and starving.   Maybe, I was some other kind of freaky creature. I went back to my room, got the laptop, and my bloody clothes.  I tossed the clothes on Ben before leaving my apartment.

I wandered down to the local twenty-four hour diner.  They had free Wi-Fi, cheap food, and rude waitresses.  One of my favorites an older lady with cross expression, and too much blush was working. “Gary, what you want?”

“Not sure.” Wish I knew, Felicia.

She rolled her blue eyes. “I’ll get you a coffee.”

I got into the booth switching on the laptop. It hummed to life as Felicia set down the mug. Out of reflex I took a drink. I stared at it. “Holy shit”  I breathed.  The pain vanished.   Never before had I felt so good. It was like sex in a mug.

Felicia eyed me. “What, is it burnt?”


“No, no it’s perfect.” I grinned and she rolled her eyes.


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The Rebel’s Rise, Part 1

Author’s note – if you want to know more about the rebels, check out Vallen’s Freedom and Gulla, the Rebel.  

General Harl’s laughter boomed in the nearby clearing.  I lifted my head as I heard a high pitched shout in response.  I glanced over at the soldiers reloading their guns.   “Stay here, keep loading I’m going to check it out.”


“Not a problem, sir.” One of my soldiers responded.


My boots scraped against the damaged concrete as I rounded the corner.  Broad and tall General Harl stood with his hands on his hips staring at a tiny little girl whose chin pointed at him defiantly.  The scene caused me to pause.  I didn’t recognize the girl, but she seemed familiar.  A lot of the rebels kept their families at the base, because there was no place safer.  Never before had I seen Harl argue with anyone.


The girl spat at his feet.  “Don’t laugh at me.  You’re a pathetic excuse for a man, much less a commander.  You are fighting a losing war and you’re doing it badly.”


I felt my eyes bulge out of their sockets.  No one I’d ever met would have had the equipment to talk to Harl like that.  This girl looked young, really young.  But, she didn’t sound it.  I took off at a jog.


“You seem like a smart little girl.  Maybe, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut.” Harl’s rumbling voice seemed calm.  A quick look at his face, and his narrowed, glinting eyes told me otherwise.  The other commanders stood around looking nervous.


A young, dark skinned woman rolled up out of the shadows.  I repressed a sigh.  Amaria, who was a Star Child, would make this worse. To my surprise she didn’t interfere, she stood a bit off to the side.  I also knew Amaria only appeared to be a young girl.  I glanced at the tiny thing. Maybe she was a Star Child.  I couldn’t see her eyes well enough to tell.


Harl shot a glance at Amaria.  “I thought you signed on to defend me, Amaria.”


“I didn’t think you needed defending from a speck of a child.”  Her cool voice lacked mockery, but her eyes crinkled up a bit.


“I meant, how did she get into the camp.”  A few people hid grins behind their hands.  I didn’t feel the urge.  Harl’s tension truly scared me.


Amaria stepped closer.  I could see her strange eyes.  They were a dull green, but a gray star ringed the iris.  That marked her as one the elusive Star Children.  “I brought her.”


The girl made a prim, little bow.  “I told her to bring me. I don’t need anyone’s permission to be here.”


A ripple of shock stirred the crowd.  I could tell even Amaria seemed concerned.  I moved next to Harl, and put my hand on his arm.  I focused my attention to the girl.  Her outward appearance seemed pretty normal. Long, straight, very dark brown hair, large dark doe eyes, and tanned brown skin that pervaded most of the population.  She flicked a smile at me, seeming a bit too amused. Something seemed so familiar about the shape her eyes.


Harl’s voice grumbled up to a roar.  “I am the General.  You need my permission to be anywhere near here, brat.”


“You’re a rebel.”  She smiled with a touch of a vicious twist.  “All I’d have to make one anonymous phone call and you wouldn’t be anything.”


My body filled with ice.  Fear started at the base of my neck and radiated down to my toes.  She could get all of us killed.  I started to wonder if Amaria made her first mistake.


“That’d get me killed as well.”  She stopped to give Harl a suspicious glare. “Considering who I am.”


I yanked, but Harl pulled his arm free of my restraining grip.  “Who are you?”


“The genetically enhanced daughter of Green and Marra Valik.” After she said it, she took a step back.  At least she had the proper sense of gravity. Ko, she’s my niece, the thought struck me hard.


“They’re dead, if you didn’t know.”  Her tone attempted to come off as a matter of fact and she tacked on a shrug.  I could see her eyes glistened with wetness.


Harl rocked back and forth.  “Amaria, is this why you brought her?”


Amaria inclined her head.  “Of course, General, I knew she would be valuable to you.  And, if she was captured she would be invaluable to our enemies.”  Her strange eyes settled on the girl for a moment. “She wished to speak with whoever was in charge.”


The girl cut in.  “I wasn’t impressed with the leadership.  My parents’ legacy is in your hands.  All you seem to do is fail. If I wanted to preserve their names, and get revenge, I knew someone smarter would need to be in charge.”

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Another fun delightful challenge with and Something Punk.  You had to make your own variation of  Punk.  You were suppose to try avoid the typical ones you would run into Steampunk, Biopunk, etc…   The idea that flashed into my head was Soulpunk!  Which, is probably brought on by all the Soul Merchant flash I’ve been writing.  



My soul, my heart, my desire, my love stepped over to join the side with Master Dark. Well, that was disappointing. The swirling glitter of the plane of living realm. The formless swell of millions of souls shined much like the stars in the sky. Blue Knife, my love, motioned with shimmering shards that resembled flesh. He wanted me to stand in Master Dark. I couldn’t do it.

I looked at Lady Soul’s side. The souls shined glossy, and warm unlike the hollow, darker souls on Master Dark’s side. I was the last one to pick whose philosophy I would follow for the rest of my existence. The problem was I agreed with neither of them. They all waited.

“Wanderer, will you decide? It is I, or Master Dark. Do want to be careful with the Powerless, or are you indifferent to their suffering?”

Funny thing about that. Either ‘guideline’ was pretty conceited, pig headed, arrogant, and demeaning. “I think I’ll have to decline.”

“Decline? We went out into this universe, we travelled in Powerless bodies, saw their lives. Then, we agreed to pick a side based on how we felt? Must you always rebel against convention, Wanderer?” Master Dark snapped his energy crackling.

I laughed. They called me Wanderer. Does that sound like someone who likes rules or followed the line? “I like the ‘Powerless’, Master Dark. I love everything about them. They dance. They fight. They drink. They hate. They die.” I swirled around my energy pulsing and dancing around me. “They live!”

All their souls stilled. The feelings of shock and horror washed over me. The wave stung at my soul as I floated backwards. Blue Knife moved toward me rage radiating in a cloud around him. “Wanderer, will choose the Powerless over your own people?”

“Yes, I will. We aren’t like them, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior. They have stuff to offer us, if don’t arrogantly dismiss it. Which, you are.” I touched Blue Knife’s soul feeling our connection.

He tore away at it causing pain to both us. “We are soul mates no longer, Wanderer. You are a disgrace to all our kind. If you love the Powerless so much go back.”

I sighed. The power swirled around me as I pulled up reality of where I had come. My body twisted to have spiky blue hair. I had piercings all over my body, and tattoos on every surface. Tight leather shirt, and pants covered in metal studs, I looked awesome. The decaying metal city, rusted, and blacken stood as a backdrop. I waved my hands. “Look at this. I didn’t even do this to myself, they were like this when I got the body. They can touch each other’s skin. It feels amazing. Sure, they have no control of their souls, or even get them. But, the trade off is mind blowing. I drank a beer? And wow, it was so….” I couldn’t summon on the word for it.. “Then, I got into a fist fight. My knuckles burned with pain. Pain of the flesh.”

Lady Soul pulsed once. “Why do you think all this is advantageous. In this reality we feel no physical pain, there is no stress, no deep suffering. We can wind our souls together or apart. And now we have we can be in their world, and ours. We are both. We are superior, Wanderer in every way.”

I shook my head. “Don’t you see we aren’t. They invent things. Electricity, fire, art, space ships, and all kinds of things we couldn’t even imagine.” I let the passion sing through my soul. The blaze of reds, and purples filled the air. “We could never imagine any of it. All of it is beyond us. We can’t innovate.”

“You choose them over us, then.” Blue Knife voice cut my soul apart. “Then, I’m done with you. They are nothing.”

“They aren’t nothing. And we are using them like toys. We tell them what they want to hear and take them apart. Do you think that is right?” I couldn’t contain my disgust any longer. “They are living, breathing, people who are souls just like us. We either talk about them like they are insects,” My hand flicked to Master Dark. “Or, entertaining pets, who talk and walk.” My hands flick to Lady Soul.

Lady Soul and Master Dark step forward, their hands together. They spoke with the weight of the Soul People. “Wanderer you have dismissed your people. We dismiss you. You are no longer the Wanderer, you are Unnamed.”

The name pulled from my soul as the pain overwhelmed me. “Fine, I’ll stand with everyone else. I don’t need you, or your approval. I’ll protect them from you.”

“How will you do that? There are millions of us, and one of you.” Master Dark sneered with his shadowed soul. The darkness twisted and twirled around me.

“Easy, one soul at a time. I’m going back to flesh. Have fun with your shallow lives.” I descended into the body. I sat up from my coma with a smile.



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What is a ‘Soul Merchant’?

Operative 3031 (Baccarin Toltos)
Operation DENIAL
Summary of long term surveillance.

Grand Lady Relbin,

As you requested I have been investigating the sudden appearance of ‘Soul Merchants’ cropping up on Amon. Most of the galaxy seems to know of their existence, but they are quite secretive. I was able to answer most of your concerns.

Soul Merchants appearance is due to our gaining affluence, power, and money within the Galaxy at large. However, they have been on our world the whole time, but only announce themselves formally once a planet or society is ‘sophisticated’ enough, in their opinion.

I was unable to confirm if in fact they can control and alter ‘souls’. They do grant increased abilities, behaviors, and other personality shifts. And, it typically only in exchange for taking another piece of person’s ‘soul’. I can’t confirm if it is a trick, a technology, or the truth.

You were also correct in recognizing their pattern of ‘contracts’ does not focus on any social, economic, or military status. Frankly, it confuses me. They might work with a deranged mad man, as much as a rich socialite.

I also was able to confirm the existence of ‘Star Children’ for you. I questioned a Soul Merchant for you. I was forced to do it in a illegal fashion, and I apologize for that. It told me, Star Children stop the Powerless, what they refer to everyone, but themselves, from ruining the galaxy.

I transcribed the short interview. The Soul Merchant killed itself before I could get more information.

Operative: Now that you’ve stopped screaming maybe we can a friendly chat.

Soul Merchant: You can only hurt this fleshy bag of waste. You cannot reach me.

O: If you are your own race why do you live in the bodies of every race in the galaxy?

SM: We have no dead flesh to live in. We only have the solace of true living realm.

*Note – Soul Merchant’s consider living as the afterlife, and death as life.

O: What if the Star Children?

SM: (laughter) They are our eyes, hands, and feet. They are made up of the Powerless. They don’t despise your empty lives like the Soul People do. They live and thrive like you. Unlike the Powerless they can only serve. Their souls are ours forever.

*note – Soul Merchants call themselves Soul People

O: You enslaved people’s souls for eternity for what purpose?

SM: Powerless are foolish, and wasteful. They killed our last home. If we aren’t careful you’ll do it again. All of you are so wasteful with your shallow, little lives.

O: Tell me more.

SM: No.

(I torture it for several more minutes)

SM: The body dies, Powerless. You live up to your name.

(Subject, unfortunately, dies)

I assure, High Lady Relbin, its body was in good condition. I believe it self terminated. I can’t confirm this due to local law officials I was unable to examine the body.

At this time of the message being sent I’m returning to Amon. If you wish to debrief me or send me back to the field let me know. My Life for the Queen of Amon.

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