Elenmitis: Second World

Elenmitis is a fantasy world.  However, a lot of the typical fantasy elements are missing.  There aren’t any elves, dwarves, and dragons.   Don’t get me wrong I love all those things.   My living room is plastered with dragons and unicorns.  Also weapons, but that’s a separate issue.   I felt like something different.

Back when I first started playing pen and paper roleplaying games I loved making characters.  And, one of the things that always found really cool was the idea of aasimars and tieflings.   A normal human who was blended with something else, making them not quite human.

The idea that kicked off Elenmitis is what if you had humans who weren’t quite human, because they were blended with elementals, angels, and demons.   How would this change them?  Would be accepted by the regular humans? How rare they should be?  Would they live around other humans?  Did god or gods have anything to do with it?

After asking myself these questions and many more I started to firm up the world.  Elenmitis has gods, but other than the four Elemental Gods they shift, change, die, lose power, or simply vanish.  None of them see everything, or know anything.  Fate is not written in stone.

There are four continents which have different cultures, weather, and attitudes.  They are Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern Kingdoms.  Northern kingdoms are vaguely European with emphasize are cold, snowy weather and religious fuelled conflicts.  Eastern kingdoms are thick forests, deep jungles and disdain for gods of any kind.   Western kingdom is a place where concepts are worshipped in place of or in combination with Gods.  Honor, freedom, truth, respect, and so forth.   Southern kingdoms fight over power and their limited resources.  They follow the gods more than the others.

And, there are seven planes of existence.  Vita of Morality, Silt of Evil, Ixcoz of Fire, Honin of Earth, Dael of Water, Vayu of Air, and of course the mortal plane where the humans roam.

Creatures that live in these different places mingle with relative ease and many people of blended heritage live.  Of course, some blood lines are easier to cope with than others.

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