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Slavery Ownership, Rights, and Duties Government Handbook

Slavery Ownership, Rights, and Duties Government Handbook has been established as required reading by the Slavery Protection Board or SPB, since 2231 Cycle. By owning slaves you are agreeing to follow any new additions in the SORD Handbook. Any laws broken will result in fine, based off percentage of income, to be determined by Slavery Protection Board (SPB).

This handbook is split into three sections. The laws that govern all ownership for all Alaget or Free Citizens, is Governmental Laws. Laws that give owners as rights, is under the Rights section. The final section reviews the duties one has toward the slaves.


  1. No race of the intergalactic council may be raided or used for slaves. This is per the Treaty of Bar-so Gamore.
  2. Slaves may not speak against the Councilors, the Councils in general, the Alaget, or their owners. Punishment of such behavior will be established on a case by case basis by the SPB.
  3. Conquered world is only allowed to be used for slaves for ten generations after which they revert to free citizens
    1. Poor behavior, or non compliance will extend this period.
    2. Any race may be released sooner.
  4. Joining an anti-slavery movement results in death or confinement if a list of Co-conspirators are given.
  5. If a slave passes the mental, physical, and skill qualifiers they will be paid a wage that will free them in twelves years’ time.
    1. Poor performance, inappropriate behavior, or disobedience will increase this time period for each infraction.
  6. If slave has issues with their current assignment, they may petition the SPB for reassignment.
    1. They must continue to perform said duties, however, until the petition is heard and approved.
  7. Slaves are not allowed to secure personal transport.
  8. Slaves are not allowed any mind altering substances, unless it is medically required, and only for the period of injury.
  9. Slaves may not breed without permission.
  10. Slaves may not fight one another outside proper training or fighting grounds.
  11. The slaves cannot be forced to perform a duty, which they are physically unable to do.
    1. Tests are provided before slaves are sold or assigned to determine their abilities, these tests are of mental, and physical nature.


  1. Any intentional harm inflicted by a slave results in execution.
  2. Slaves must follow any and all of owner’s requests regarding work orders, uniforms, employment, and meal times, unless a successful petition is granted by the SPB.
  3. A slave is not allowed to seek a new owner, without current owner’s permission.
    1. A first offense is maiming
    2. Second offense is confinement for a no less than ten days, and no more than twenty.
    3. Third offense is death.
  4. If a slave’s performance is substandard such punishments may be used. Any repeat infraction only counts if within three months of one another.
    1. Minor infraction results in whipping of no more than ten lashes, and two day reduction of food.
    2. Second minor infraction or a moderate one result in a whipping of no more than thirty lashes, and week’s reduction in food.
    3. Third minor, second moderate, or first major infraction results in sixty lashes or until the slaves loses consciousness. In addition, a three week reduction in food.
    4. Other punishments may be applied instead if the proper forms are filed and approved by the SPB.
    5. If there is more infraction, or anything not noted in this law, one may contact the third chair of the SPB for more details on types, and severity of punishments allowed in these special cases.
  5. Slaves are not allowed to train with weapons, without it being the owner’s permission. Failure to comply results in death. 


  1. Slaves must always be informed about the nature of their employment.
  2. Slaves employment duties must be explained to them thoroughly.
  3. Proper equipment must be provided for any duties.
  4. Any injuries must have proper treatment.
  5. If a slave’s death is determined to be the owner’s fault, and not within the dangers of the assignment, the slave family is immediately freed and they become free citizens.
  6. Room and board must be provided to slaves either freely or given money to allow them to purchase it themselves.
  7. If a slave limb or limbs is mutilated at the owners fault, they must repair or replace. If the fault if with the slave, there is no requirement to do so.


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Vallen’s Freedom

A crack resounded in the air as the pain spread from his spine out, he could feel blood running down his back, and see it dripping to the gravel below him. He sprained against tight leather straps around his wrists but it just caused him to sway back and forth in the air. A chuckle over his shoulder, the Keeper stepped into his view.

Vallen, are you now willing to agree that you are a slave?” Keeper’s fine fingers brushed against Vallen’s cheek.

Vallen jerked his head back. He felt a pressure build up in his stomach, and it lurched out his throat onto the ground. The acrid smell filled his nose.

Keeper took a prim step back. His eyes swept upward from the ground and into his captive’s face. “I take that as a no. I’ll return.” Keeper’s boots crunched and the sound eventually faded.

He was left hanging his back on fire. He had given up everything for Gulla. She had promised him the future. Vallen had covered her escape. He was here, and she was free. He thought she would have come for him.

Cries and yells echoed in his ears. He tipped his head and saw the Keeper. His arm was raised up and down against the exposed back of another person swinging in the air. Splashes of bright red were cast into the air. Vallen jerked his eyes away. He didn’t dare look at the others bound and swinging.

Alerted cries coming from somewhere far away. Guards dressed in heavy thick panels, carrying rifles in their arms ran past him. The ground shuddered as blocks pushed their way out. Guards ducked behind them, guns raised. “Fire at will.” A voice bellowed somewhere behind Vallen.

Dark figures swept over the walls. They moved with fluid grace of the modified.  The sharp crackle of gunfire filled the air. Vallen closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see how many of them fell. A strong, bold voice hollered over the all the sounds of battle. “Careful with your aim, that is our people out there.”

Vallen’s lids snapped open his brown eyes wide. His gaze bounced back and forth at the figures coming over the wall. They rolled, and ducked with ease. Each group of five moved up with speed pausing only long enough to cover the closet unit. The guards screamed as the invaders methodically took them down. Outnumbered by five to one, the guards had no chance. He took no satisfaction in people dying around him. Too many had already died in this war. The pointless war against the Nobles.

Against his will his eyes closed. The pain was just too much. More than anything he wanted to lie down, even though it was filthy. Limbs wrapped around him as the pressure around his wrists loosened. Relief flooded his mind as his arms collapsed at his sides. He tried to move them, but they were too exhausted.

Vallen,” That bold, familiar voice, murmured into his ear. He opened his eyes with aching slowness.

Gulla,” A wetness filled his eyes and spilled down his cheeks. To see her face once more was worth everything. The tawny skin, large sorrowful eyes and the scar that ran down her cheek. She was not a great beauty. It was her inner radiance that made people follow her. To him, this moment, she seemed to glow. He slumped to the side.

He felt himself being jostled back and forth. “Hey, hey, stay with me.”  Her voice was stern as if issuing an order.

He smiled. “Gulla, I thought you weren’t coming back for me. A whole week, I thought I would be here until I died.”

A shift as arms held him close, and he could hear the beat of her heart. Her lips pressed against his ear. “Oh, Vallen. I couldn’t just save you. I had to get them all.”

His voice felt unsteady to him. “Am I going to die, Gulla?”

He felt more than heard her gasp. “I don’t know, Vallen, I am not a doctor. I promise you this, you will die free.”

Pain flared everywhere as he was lifted. Underneath him he could hear the crunch of gravel. Everything went black.



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