About Me

My sister informed me my old about me page was crap.  It was poorly written,  and generally terrible.  I read it and I had to agree.  But, then I was stuck in a quandary.  How to make it better?  So, I started to read other bloggers about me pages.

A lot of writers talk about how they write for the love of storytelling.  And, that has to be true.  I mean why spend hours writing if you hate stories. That would be truly bizarre.  It does feel a bit like a cop out.  I love stories too, but that’s not really why I write.

I write because I don’t want the blank page to win.  Every day we go to war.  Every day I refuse to let it win.  Some days I don’t want to write.  The idea makes my skin crawl, but then the blank page would win.  That just doesn’t work for me.   My heels dig in and I beat the blank page into submission.

A lot of things inspire me to write.  Things that help me beat the blank page down.  The video games I’ve loved and played.  (Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Elder Scrolls, The Longest Journey, Mass Effect).  Books I’ve committed to heart.  (Steven Brust’s everything, Kushiel’s Dart, The Hobbit)

I’d say my family makes for great inspiration, but I’m not sure they’d take as a compliment.   They support me, mostly.   My husband most of all.

Life in general has been a pretty good source of inspiration.   Growing up a foreigner in a small town taught  me a lot about life.  Some things good, some otherwise.   Travelling to Turkey in my teens showed me differences I never understood before.  I didn’t know how much a place could feel different. How the air, the sounds, the spirit of each city is unique and beautiful.  Also, walking in places that were ancient really puts the world in perspective.

No wonder I have more than enough to battle the blank page every day.


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