First World: Amon

Amon is a young world, by the reckoning of the galaxy, but in its short history it has suffered greatly.  Once a quiet farming world still evolving, when the Jirth came and altered them forever.  Jirth wanted their world as a trading post.

They enlisted, implanted them, and put them to work, claiming it was for their benefit.  Jirth carried them off to labor camps where they toiled day in and out. Often, they never saw their families again.  Jirth crushed the cities, and forced to live in tiny homes of their design.  No longer could they craft art, music, or anything the Jirth considered frivolous.

Jirth petitioned the Intergalactic Council to declare the Alaget as their vassals.  It was denied.  Alaget were freed, but their race had already changed.  They used the technology left in their world, and they turned themselves into a world resort for merchants.

For centuries life moved at this easy pace.  Then, it changed all over again. Delirr bombed Amon, Alaget home world, to dust in retribution for Jirth politics.  It filled the Alaget with rage. They spent the next centuries working toward a reckoning against Delirr.  They succeeded and destroyed them. Sanctions were laid against them by the Intergalactic Council.

Slavery began, morality ended and survival of the fittest was adopted as a guiding principle.  They were given advanced medical technology from Woellian and the Runnil.  They used it to alter their genetic makeup.

It led to world war between those who could afford it, and they those who could not.  Driven by an altered woman called Gulla Valik.  She used her will, and her abilities to force change on the world, and it got her killed.  Her influence lingers to this day.

Modern times stand on the edge of another change.  A chance to embrace a new more enlightened way of living.

If you would like to read more about Amon, check the archives and all post labelled Amon.

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