Another lovely, ie horrible, challenge from Chuck Wendig at  This week we got an article to a strange net/web/thing that is stumping scienctist across the world.  We had to explain it, somehow, someway.  Here’s mine. 


Tommy and Jacob ambled down a dusty, dirt road. They kicked rocks out their way. Every once in a while they look over at the rolling fields of wheat.

Jacob’s tanned arm slapped Tommy in the chest. “Hey, check that out.”

Tommy pushed Jacob’s arm off him. “What, I don’t see anything.”

Jacob shoved Tommy hard causing him to stumble. “Right there, what are you freakin’ blind?” His crocked finger pointed at a strange, white web at the edge of the wheat field.

Tommy frowned and strode forward kneeling beside it. It was a white tall tower, surrounded by a woven fence. It wasn’t much bigger than his hand. “Huh, that is pretty odd. Come over here, Jacob.”

Jacob poked him the shoulder. “I’m already over here.” He knelt down beside his friend. “It kind of looks like a spider web, but it’s not like any web I’ve ever seen before.”

“Oh yeah, you’re some kind of spider expert, Jacob?” Tommy shot his friend a lopsided grin.

Jacob rolled his eyes. “My dad is into bugs. He has all kinds of weird looking web pictures in his office. This is the weirdest web I’ve seen. He’d have it up on his wall, if happened all the time. Must be something strange going on.”

“Sure, whatever,” Tommy started to stand up.

Jacob pulled out a cell phone and started to snap a few pictures. He stepped around it taking a few more shots.

“What are you doing?”

“My dad would want to have some pictures of it.” Jacob glared up at his friend. “What do you care?”

Tommy’s chest puffed up. “I got somewhere to be.”

Jacob made a rude noise. “You want to go check out Lacy. She’s not interested in you.”

“I just need to swing by the church is all. Not everything had to do with Lacy.” Tommy glanced away from Jacob, eyes staring out at the wheat fields.

“Sure, it doesn’t.” Jacob tone was filled with smugness.

Tommy punched him hard in his shoulder. “Jerk.”

Jacob caught himself before he tumbled into the tiny structure. “Watch it!” A few steps back before he kicked Tommy in the shin. “I almost crushed it.”

“Who cares? I should crush it. It’s probably has a nasty collection of spiders.” Tommy raised his foot up.

A shout as Jacob barrelled into his friend. They grappled. They twisted in the dirt road kicking up dust into the air.

“Get off me.” Tommy jumped up dusting off his jeans. “You need to relax. Seriously.”

“You need to not be an idiot. Guess which one is might actually happen.” Jacob snapped back.

Tommy’s eyes got wide. “What’s going on?”

Jacob whipped around. The little tower was shaking rapidly. Jacob body went all stiff as a lump worked its way down his throat.

The little fence flattened, and then sunk into the dirt. Chittering and clacking filled the air. Jacob and Tommy took several steps back and exchanged a look.

The tower started to spilt at the top. Each side curled down. At the bottom was a red writhing ball. “Jacob…” Tommy started to say.

The ball exploded outward becoming a mass of shiny red spiders no bigger than a head of a pin. For a moment the world seemed to go still. Then, they started to move as one making their way toward the two boys.

“Tommy we need to move. They could be poisonous.” Jacob tugged on his friend’s arm as they started to run.

Their feet pounded against the dirt, as their hearts beat so loud it drowned out all other sound.

Jacob glanced behind his shoulder and realized they were gaining on them. “Crap.” Something caught on his foot and they both went down.

The mass of red spider’s reached Tommy’s foot swarming up his body. A gurgling sound ruptured out of Tommy’s mouth. “The pain, the pain, the pain.” Tommy babbled over and over.

Jacob attempted to kick them off, but they would only climb back onto his friend. He shot off toward the side road pulling a broken piece of the fence. A quick tug as he pulled off his shirt, wrapping over the wood. His lips compressed, as he dug around in his pocket bringing out a lighter. The clicking on the trigger as he lit his shirt. He ran back toward the spiders waving the hot flame over them.

They began to scramble to his friend and scattered away with the same speed they chased them. This time they went their separate way.

Jacob dropped beside Tommy. Thick, pulsing sores were all his body. “Jesus, I’m going to call my dad.” He punched in the number and prayed there was something his dad could do.


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