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Elenmitis: The Second World

Elenmitis is a fantasy world.  However, a lot of the typical fantasy elements are missing.  There aren’t any elves, dwarves, and dragons.   Don’t get me wrong I love all those things.   My living room is plastered with dragons and unicorns.  Also weapons, but that’s a separate issue.   I felt like something different.


Back when I first started playing pen and paper roleplaying games I loved making characters.  And, one of things that always found really cool was the idea of aasimars and tieflings.   A normal human who was blended with something else, making them not quite human.


The idea that kicked off Elenmitis is what if you had humans who weren’t quite human, because they were blended with elementals, angels, and demons.   How would this change them?  Would be accepted by the regular humans? How rare they should be?  Would they live around other humans?  Did god or gods have anything to do with it?


And once the questions started to flow I knew I was on something good.   To be honest, I haven’t fully answered all these questions yet.  The world isn’t as fleshed out as Amon.  I’ll be filling in the blanks as this year rolls on.  So hey, if you have anything you’d like to say or add I’m all for hearing it.


The first story which will be going up next week after I’ve returned my New Year’s vacation will be how Elenmitis came to be.   Also, the website is going to look a little different.   Welcome to Elenmitis, hope you enjoy your stay.


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