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Walking in Shadow, Part 3

In a way it made me happy.  I hadn’t ever seen any animal life on Amon.  The Fall had been before my birth, as old as I was. However, since I knew nothing of what had lived with Amon, it also made me nervous. The few larger, furry creatures ignored as we made our way across the overgrown field.

A slick creature eyed us with interest as we drew closer to the tunnel.   The body low to the ground with a wide jaw, and four sets of eyes.  “Gulla, I don’t suppose you know what that creature is.”

“Yeah, ancient, extinct creatures were a part of my education.”  The tension in her voice belied the glib remark.

The creature’s body tensed up as I reached the tunnel.  My body braced as the massive creature slammed into me.  A crack as my ribs snapped under the weight.  Teeth snapping at my throat.  A repetition of gunfire echoed in the room.  The animal launched off me and started to lunge at Gulla.

Unlike me, she snapped her fist at hitting it the skull.  A loud crack as its head jerked it back.  A low whimper as it collapsed on the ground, blood leaking out of its head.  Gulla eyes were haunted as she stared at it.  “Amaria, will it die?”

The pain in my ribs distracted me. It took me a while to sense it.  “Yes, it will.”

“Kill it, so it won’t suffer.”  Her eyes closed as she glanced away.

It was well within my power, and it with a little focus, it died.  “Can you brace my chest, I need to heal my ribs.”

Gulla walked with gaze turned away from the dead beast.  She knelt and braced my chest.  “There.”

A fierce burning made my vision blur as bones aligned and fused back together.  I panted a few minutes.  When I came back to myself, she was already in the doorway.  With a shove I pulled myself up.  This doorway appeared to be darker once again.

The silence only broken by the sound of Gulla’s footsteps as we approached another cross section.  Gulla hands snapped out.  She drew out an empty clip and tossed it in the pathway as a flash of fire filled it reducing the clip into a melted puddle. “I don’t think either of us could survive that.”

“Most likely no.” My reply was absent as I peered around at the walls.  “There has to be something powering it.”

Gulla pulled her gun out, and fired several times into a square on the wall.  She took the empty clip and tossed it in the middle.  This time no explosion, no fire.  “Electrical box, but move it probably won’t last.”  A flowing, smooth jump as she shot across the middle.

I tried to follow.  Half way across the fire flared up.  Intense pain burst as I could smell my own cooked flesh.  The expensive, protective leggings were destroyed, and my flesh bloody beneath.  “Gulla.”

Her hands already running over my legs with a light touch. “Ko, I forgot I’m faster.”

“You are beyond faster.”  A grinding pain pulsed as my skin regrew.  “I can only make myself more.”

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