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Review: God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen by Kate Locke

It took me a little while to settle into the Immortal Empire universe.  This is a good thing.  Too often it’s easy to rely on what’s been done before to set your world.  The writing community has gotten lots of wonderful books from that, but it’s fantastic to mix it up now and again.

Also, the fact I’m not much into punk fiction, or know pretty much nothing about London, besides important historical footnotes, was a slight barrier.  However, I could infer most of the meanings easily enough, and I never really felt lost.  This screams well-crafted to me.

The book itself did a lot of things that impressed me.  It actually surprised me here and there.  I’ve read a lot of books, and I usually can figure what’s happening, and when the tide is going to turn.  This time I was caught off guard several times.

I also enjoyed the strangeness of the world, I was transported to.  A plague ridden world where the have and have nots are strongly divided i all kinds of ways.

The main character is a blast to read.  Xandra shouldn’t be.  She’s a bigot. She’s way aggressive, and too impulsive.  Yet, she’s compelling, and has plenty of good points too.   She’s a very balanced character that is being molded by the events in the book.

This book is almost a book of series of What ifs? Which makes it really fun, because I often ask those sort of questions when I read.  In this world the royalty is better than the masses, because they are kick ass vampires, werewolves, or goblins.  As one of the masses, that sounds pretty much like the worst thing ever.  Imagine how easy would for them to lord anything over you.

“How come I don’t know have enough to eat?”  “You aren’t a noble obviously because the plague will kill you, where it turned me into a beautiful creature with super powers.”  Slap in the fact argument right there.


Instant sympathy from reader gets that goes around the main character, freakin’ slick writing right there.

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Review: Dead Weight: The Tombs

Dead Weight: The Tombs by M. Todd Gallowglas

Before I really dig in, let me say I really loved this novel.   It does things that most of the time would have made me put it down.   Yet, I didn’t care.  Gallowglas pulled off doing things that shouldn’t have worked.  Which is freakin’ cool. 

A protagonist I didn’t like, yet I cared about, hoped he’d succeed.   The story started off in a very weird way, (which to avoid spoilers, I won’t go into), and wasn’t part of the meat of the plot, but it worked beautifully. There were a lot of references thrown in, but none of it is overdone. And, frankly, I loved the concept of the arts being a way to look into another world. The tale is very dark, gritty, depressing, yet still manages to have a thread of hope running through it.   It truly feels like a mirror into another reality.

The novel manages to bring some very interesting concepts without beating you over the head with them.  What defines goodness, is one that I felt came up a lot.   Is it a person’s actions?  Is it what a person does? Is it their intentions?  Perhaps, it is a combination of all these things.  I don’t know.  The book doesn’t know either, but that’s what makes it interesting.

As I read another question occurred to me.  What does society lose when cultures change, are absorbed, and destroyed?  Is there really a loss? Should such things be preserved in some way?  I’m not sure the author intended me to think of that.  However, this book made lots of odd questions like that show up to plague me, in only the very best way.

An excellent start to what I hope will be a continuing book series.



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