Review: Angel’s Blood

Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh

I’ve been trying to read books that normally I’d never touch. As I’m attempting to become a writer, I figure I need to stretch my usual reading.  One of the biggest growing genres is Paranormal Romance.  And, being the least romantic person I know I was like OMG icky.  Romance has never been a huge draw for me.  Not even when I was a teenager.  However….

This is a damn good book. The story is at its heart an emotional journey. Ellie is a deep character, haunted, strong, brave, and vulnerable. Her personality is completely compelling with her strange and interesting descriptions of the most mundane everyday things. I’m pretty sure I could read a hundred books about her.

The book is set in a unique universe where Angels exist, and like kings, or gods. They aren’t sweet, or kind. And, they make vampires who are forced to serve them for a hundred years for the privilege. And, Ellie is a hunter born – a type of human with the ability to track, and scent vampires. She works for the Guild who brings back vampires who dare to break their contracts.

At the beginning of the book she’s considered one of the best. And, she’s hired by an Archangel called Raphael to hunter an angel. She doesn’t understand, because she can’t hunt them. And this mystery plunges her into not only Raphael’s deadly, attractive company, but the danger of lies, secrets, and misdirection.

One great triumphs of the book are Singh makes the angels, barely human, alien in a very real way. Yet, a thin veneer of forgotten humanity clings to them enough. A very fine line was walked. It adds an edge to the story that keeps each word as interesting as the last.

The poses a very quiet, and perhaps I’m imagining it, question.  What truly makes a person strong? Is it physical abilities? Is it age and wisdom?  It is willpower? Is it intelligence?  Does one have great strength at the cost of a deep held weakness?  This book remains me of a quote from Dollhouse (shameless fangirl) paraphrased ‘You see someone running incredibly fast – The first thing you gotta ask is ‘Are they running to something or are they running from something?’ The answer is always both.’  By Topher if anyone is going to check my craziness.

The two main characters Ellie and Raphael are both running in their own way.  And they mirror each other.  This is probably what draws me into the book more than anything else.   So, hat’s off to Nalini Singh for getting me to read an entire Paranormal Romance.

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