200 Words at a Time, Part Two

Chuck Wendig has set up a flash of writing a story 200 words at a time.  Last week I wrote my first 200 words.  This week I had to continue someone’s else story.  I went with my fellow blogger Urban Spaceman.  Check out there to see the beginning of this story.

200 More Words


“Is this about the Manhattan project? I’ve heard all all I want to hear about that.”  Everyone had a theory and a conspiracy.

He took another sip then cackled. “Everyone thinks the atom bomb is the worst thing. There are atrocities that you never hear about. “   His filmy eyes turned flatter, more haunted. “The government wanted me.  They needed the expert in the field of Magnetics. I was the best.”

“You used to be a world leading scientist.” 

He took another sip of his drink.   “You think I was always a drunk? A mess of a man who had no purpose?”   The pitch of his voice rose with each word.   Then, he slumped.  All fire and life fled from him. “The bomb would be flashy. They wanted less flash, but more effect. “ 

“Are you trying to say, that’s some powerful super weapon waiting in the wings.”  The whole story was sounding like a bad pulp fiction.

The man shook his head, and dragged his hand over his face. “I’ve already done it.  Every day the earth spins, it gets stronger.  Soon, it will be ready.”



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4 responses to “200 Words at a Time, Part Two

  1. You know it’s a good situation for the character when the scene ends in a facepalm.

  2. Very ominous! A shame you couldn’t write more, as I really want to know about this new weapon, and the old man’s fall from grace. Great addition to part 1 🙂

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