So, Here’s Something

So, every week, as many you may know, I post a Flash Fiction from Chuck Wendig.  This week he only had “Come up with the first sentence of a story.”  Even though this is nanowrimo -National Novel Writer’s Month- I figure I needed to post something.  So far, I haven’t missed a week.  I dug through my files.  And I found a review I wrote for a job, which I failed to get.  I liked the review, and I thought it might be nice to put up.  Or at least lazy.

Tears of Rage Series by M. Todd Gallowglas

I’ve been reading the Tears of Rage Series by M. Todd Gallowglas in the third book now, and thoroughly enjoying it.  The world reminds me a great deal of the Greek Patheon.  Mortals are at the whim, and the desire of greater and lesser gods who are more concerned with their own standing, than the people who worship them.

Gallowglas manages to make villains, whom I do like, but love to read. The best antagonist  are the ones you gleefully hope will fail.  Who is good and evil is a constant debate and a matter of perspective.

Another interesting aspect of the story is how the good god, I state that very loosely, isn’t really a warm and fuzzy fellow either.  Ruthless and disconnected you aren’t sure if you want to root for him or stab him in the face.

Which makes one ask who you want to win.  The answer to that is easy, the main character Julianna. Her circumstances are amazingly unfair from every angle. She handles it with vigor, and gravity without being too depressing.

And, you want to get behind the plight of the repressed Komati.  They are the natives forced to abandon their religion and customs due the crushing influence of the Florean.  Komati have been made into a lesser class their capital only tolerating them as slaves or servants.

More importantly the book starts the gears in my mind turning. How would I feel living in a world where my fate and my soul was dictated by a being far more powerful? On top of it, my people held down by a harsh regime.  The desperation and hopelessness would eat at me. It does explain why so many people follow the gods regardless of their fickle vanity. Because, it gives them some power to affect the course of their own lives.

Here’s a question for you theoretical reader, would you choose to follow the gods to change your fate, or play the hand dealt?



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4 responses to “So, Here’s Something

  1. I just started reading ToR a few days ago. It reminds me somewhat of Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. I’m curious to see how much sway mortals have over the fates of gods, or if the world has a top-down design. All pawns can become other pieces if they stay alive long enough.

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