Walking in Shadow, Part 2

Has it really been a year since my first blog post?  It hardly feels as if a year has passed.   Though, considering the amount of blog posts up maybe it should have seemed longer.   I’ve never had quite so much fun learning before.  

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read bits of my brain cracked open for everyone.   I hope to see you all next year, same time.

Walking in Shadow, Part 2

“What else is in the way?”  I shook my hand in irritation as the tip of it grew back.  The burning and itching feeling distracted me.

She grabbed me and lifted me up. “A few traps, a few natural obstacles, and other things I’d guess.”

“Strip,” I motioned at the dead bodies.

Gulla frowned her fine, thin brows making a knot pattern.  “If we can on the way back.  I’m not sure how heavy the medical supplies are going to be.  I’d be great if found enough we couldn’t carry the weapons.  We need to pass this way on the way back. We can always get them later.”

The rebellion had been doing poorly for some time.  I hesitated leaving behind valuable armor, and weapons.  There was a time we had only ten guns. “I’ll mark the location, for pick up by the Vallen, and his troops.”

“Not Harl’s men?” Gulla had a rivalry with the leader of the rebels.  Harl didn’t like her much either.  But, Gulla was the most genetically enhanced individual on all of Amon.  There was no one even comparable.  And, considering she had brought the technology to allow us to easily enhance our own troops, he couldn’t dismiss her.  Gulla took advantage of that fact, and was building her own base of power.

“Gulla,” The warning apparent in my tone, “be careful to not spilt the rebels.”

Gulla tossed her head.  “What a random comment.”

She couldn’t fool me.  “I know how you think.  You were thinking I don’t trust Harl.  And this could be good for you.  Since, we are clearly friends.   However, I trust Harl.  But, his people are standard soldiers. Vallen’s are scouts, which fits Vallen’s temperament.”

Gulla started down the hallway, and I followed.  My senses extended enough to warn me if more troops were waiting.

A few minutes passed when Gulla whispered.  “So, you and Vallen?”

The question felt heavy for implications. What those implications might be I don’t know.  “What is it you want know?”

I could feel as exasperated sigh, more than heard it.  “Are you two dating, having a casual thing?”

It took me a moment to work it out in my head.  “I’m not involved with Vallen.  Why would you think such a thing?”

Her shoulder’s shrugged.  “You always seem to know what the other is thinking.  You even share quiet, secret smiles on occasion.  And, I’ll catch you guys exchanging glances.  Isn’t that sort of thing that says there is something going on?”

The evidence did suggest the was something going on.  “Well, there isn’t.  Perhaps, there is potential for it.  I doubt any Alaget are interested in alien.”

Gulla looked back at me her eyes wide.  “An alien who looks, talks, and acts mostly like an Alaget, and can look like any Alaget who has ever lived, at any time.”  Her voice grew more amused with each word.  “I can’t imagine any man who wouldn’t want that.”

A presence nearby, not a person, maybe something else, “Gulla, stop.”

All joy fled as she stilled.  Her eyes scanning the area.  A pain hit my heart, a child shouldn’t be this good at surviving.

The presence seemed to be shuffling.  It couldn’t be an animal.  Almost all life had been wiped out in The Fall. “What is it?”

Gulla tapped her foot.  It meant she was tired of waiting on me.  She believed strongly in silent communication while on mission.

The presense wasn’t getting any closer.  “There is something.  I’m not sure what it is. We might have to go and confront it.”

The click of Gulla reloading her gun was the only response.  She motioned with the weapon.

I led going in the direction I sensed the creature.  The tunnel lightened even more as plants, and moss covered everything.  A few insects fluttered in the air.  I peered upward as artificial lights beamed down.  “I’m surprised. Was this a testing facility of some kind?”

Gulla shook her head clearly as baffled as me. “I don’t know.  The records I dug out of that old computer were pretty corrupted.  That’s why we had to check other locations, I wasn’t even sure what was where.”


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