Get F++Cked

Another Chuck Wendig challenge.  This one was to pull up a song list somewhere, get a random song title turn it into a story. Which I did.  This song is Get F++Cked by The Thrills.  I said, eh why not.  I’ve been reading the Kim Harrison Hollows novels, so excuse the demon motif.  

Get F++Cked

A soft tingling brushed down my spine.  “Ooh…” I purred, a summoning.  The sensation built setting my nerves on fire.  Summoners get worried the longer it takes you show up.  When summoners are distracted, they make precious, wondrous mistakes.  The summoning call turned to pained, I let myself be pulled.  A sparkling golden, red light ripped me from my home into a lavish bedroom.

The gold walls draped with red curtains, dark rich wood, and an opulent bed filled with pillows.  I find it curious people summoned most demons into basements.  But, as a Succubus I’ve only been called to bedrooms.  My eyes gazed my summoner a tall, rail-thin man. He had dusky skin, dark eyes, and black hair.  He wore an ill fitting suit of royal purple, a sky blue shirt not at all coordinated.  He licked his lips while staring me.  My fingers ran through my fiery red hair.  I never talk first.  That makes the summoners think they’re getting the upper hand.  The circle seemed well made, not that I had any interest in escaping.

He half turned keeping only one eye on me.  “Suicais Reevella Quinalda, I summoned you.”  By his tone and expression he was trying to be ominous.

“And, who summoned me?”  The reply required for every summoning.  Which, I detested.  Rituals were boring.

“Thomas Quinn Smithson has summoned you.”  The ritual response as the tension seemed to run out of his shoulders.

“Call me Reeve, no need to keep blathering my full name.”  Plus, it sounded old.  Reeve sounded hip, sexy, and dangerous.

Smithson eyes narrowed supicion wafting off him in waves.  “If I call you Reeve will the agreements still be binding?”

My head jerked back.  “I’m affronted, human.  If I say it’s binding, it’s binding.   Succubus’s don’t play those sort of games.” I smiled my lover’s smile.  “We are much better at other kind of games.”  I couldn’t lie, the circle prevented.  Another glance at the etching for the circle when I realized it’d been carved into stone.  And, well made, better than I initially noticed.

“Right,” He rubbed his neck.  “I don’t usually call your kind.”  A darkness flowed into his eyes, an intensity.  “My jobs are usually of a more brutal nature.”

The evil curling around him fascinated me.  This Smithson did bad, bad things.  Delicious, tasty bad things, he was a horrible man.  I really liked him.  “Oh, I’m not much for violence, sweet.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.”  Yes, I like old, but good lines like that one.

He paced back and forth his eyes no longer on me.  “See, Reeve I have a man I can’t kill.  I can’t touch him.  He’s ruining me.  I need someone to gain his trust, learn his weakness. A spy.”

Tension ran high in the room as I watched him. Perhaps, the man was a criminal of some kind.  It would explain the expensive furnishings.  Not the bad suit.  “Why are you dressed so poorly, Smithson?”

“Aren’t you curious about the deal?” The pace halted abruptly as he glared at me, fists at his sides.

I leaned against the wall shifting so my whole leg was exposed in my slit dress.  “We’ll get to it eventually.”  I nibbled on my lip eyes closed in ecstasy.  “Don’t worry I always get to the finish.  If you indulge my curiosity things might go better for you.”  Or not, hung in the air.  Slowly, I opened my eyes.

His jaw so tight his skin stretched over his cheekbones.  Again, I waited.  Waiting is easy when all you have invested is time.  “I hid my wealth.  I’ve increased my life trading favors with demons.  Most people think I’m a wanna-be-gangster, even the police, the press.” A lazy grin as he flickered to life.  “This city is mine, and I control it from the shadows.”

To take this man’s soul, I’d be the talk of the town for centuries.  A soul isn’t gained in a day, not this soul anyway.  “Are you so powerful, lovely?  Are you a spider on your web?” A bit mocking heat, a curl of my seduction braided inside.

A fierce red filled his face.  Rage twisted and heaved around him as pounded a fist on my cage.  “Don’t you mock me, you whore.”

I laughed.  “Of course, you’d call a Succubus a whore.”  As if it was insult.  “I may spread my legs, and anything else, but I assure you human I’m more than compensated.”  Really, a whore.  Ha.

Control trickled back into him.  He stiffened and stood back.  “I want walk as a human, do whatever you need to do to feed me information. I mean human, no throwing people around, no demonic displays. I want the information to be delivered by means only a diabolist can track, or if possible not even a diabolist.  Any information, anything.”

“I haven’t worked on a forever basis.  How long will you be taking up my time?”  A lot of freedom, I loved freedom.

“No longer than five years.  I hold the rights to dismiss you sooner, if I feel our agreement is up.” Clever, evil man, I licked my lips at his demands.  How tasty he will be.

I stood up allowing the dress to drift around my legs.  My finger ran down my neck.  “Anything you want?” I panted, because I knew what I going to ask for.

A heated look of anger as he clasped his hands together.  “I want rights to change the agreement five times, one for every year.”

“Ooh, darling I agree.  If you agree to give you a piece of your soul.  Not enough to drag you down, but enough to feed me.  Can you feed me? Are you up the challenge? ”  My body pressed against my cage as my hair danced behind me.  “Drop the circle, and the agreement is made.”

The barrier fell as I swept me into his arms.  Inside, I howled with joy.  In five years, he would be mine, all mine.




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