Orichalcum Hive-Mind

Chuck Wendig challenge once again.  This was another roll of the dice.  A two part rolls where you got one part of the title form two columns.  I got Orichalcum Hive-Mind.  Which, at first annoyed me, but then it seemed cool.  

Orichalcum Hive-Mind

A hammer made out of moonlight smashed against a bronze-gold metal. Sparks flew off filling the air with fire. An echo of bangs, and booms sounded like thunder.  The anvil absorbed each blow with a fracturing pattern of leaf green, and loamy brown.  The smith glowed with an inner light face unknowable.  As he worked his voice lifted in a lilting song.  “Life be given onto these children of sky, and earth.  Life walks within them, as they speak, and walk.  Life they are blessed, and cursed with within.”

Each piece pounded out, shaped and curved into a fine, slight bodies.  One by one they lined the wall of the grand hall made out of shimmering golden stone.  The smith voice never ending the phrases repeated with each one.  Finally, five  matching basic humanoid shapes rested in the hall.  The smith inner light faded.  He huge with hewn muscles, and broad unremarkable featuers.  “Children of Sky and Earth, awaken.”

The bodies moved as one stepping forward and switching their gaze toward their creator.  “We awaken.” Their eyes glowed green, and white.

“It is good to see you my children.  Come with me, and we’ll finish bringing you to life.”  The smith tread down the hall swinging his arms as he whistled a tuneless song.  A door of glinting silver sswung open to a field of fire, and another of water.

He pointed at the fire.  “Step inside, and be blessed with fire.”

The flames licked their bodies setting their metal bodies glowing.  Fire flamed up behind adding another color to their eyes.  Fire built up around them turning them molten, their features blending.

Smith stepped into the water. “Water will soothe the fire.  Join me in the water, and be free of heat.”  Their legs moved leaving metallic puddles on the dirt between fire and water.  Steam coated the air in a fog.  The high pitch of hiss signifying the clash between heat and water.   The bodies contorted and twisted under the pressure.

The smith stepped out the river.   He chest sucked in waiting for the steam to fade.  Five charred bodies stood in the water.  “Come out and let me see you.”

With creaks, and bits of flaking off the five stood on the bank.  The smith held out his hand a pick and chisel fell into his hand.   “Now, you will be what has been in my mind’s eye.”  A pounding as he chiselled them down bits of metal flying off as he worked on each one.  In their place were sculpted, muscular bodies with plain faces.  The eyes gleamed white, green, red, and blue swirling together.

“What do you need, master?” They asked in one voice.

“A war that leads to peace.” The smith flipped tools in the air and they vanished. “Go out fight the servants of chaos.  Bring order.  One mind, one goal, one truth.”

As one they bowed, and stepped out into the nothing.

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