Dreams of Kairos

Another flash fiction challenge, this time you roll a d20 to figure out your setting. I got an alien library.  Feel free to check out the challenge for yourself. 

Dreams of Kairos

A tall octagonal pillar called to Jane like nothing before. The stark white walls calmed a desire inside. She wiped her wet palms against the canary yellow robe. The door opened as she stepped in front of them. Her eyes swept around the room. A pillar in the middle filled with stark white shelves with glowing balls of light. The walls were the same. Her eyes closed her expression filling up with joy. “I’m finally here.”

“Take me to the historical globes.” Her voice was no more than a whisper. She shot into the air her robe and hair billowing behind her. She let out a laugh, as she slowed before a shelf. Her fingers shot out grabbing on the orbs. “Take me back down to the chairs.” She flew once again. Four or five high backed white chairs.

She curled up in a chair the orb floating in her fingers. A flood of information sunk into her brain. A memory unfurled in her mind.

Smell of burnt food filled her nose. The air felt heated. A pain welled up in her chest. All around her were torn, shattered bodies, and blood. A few figures walked across the ground. A rifle gripped in his hand. He held it up and the world went black.

 The memory shattered as she was pulled out the chair. The room spun for a moment. “Jane, you need to come home now.”

She closed her eyes, and swallowed, “Daddy?”

“I told you to stay away from these libraries. They get in your mind, and they never go away.” His voice commanding as he shook her.

Her eyes fluttered open. “I want to study the memory archives. Think how much we could learn. Whoever built this place is long gone, but they have preserved history from every world, every place for thousands of years. I need to know.”

Her eyes finally focused as she saw her father’s tall, wide frame. A fierce scowl distorted his face. “They are dangerous. That’s why only a few people come here. I’ve seen the burnt out husks at the hospital. Do you want to die like that? A body with nothing inside. That will happen.”

Anger simmered inside as she yanked her arm free. “I don’t care. This is a place of mystery, and wonder.” She waved her arms at the glowing shelves all around her.

“I’ll disown you.” Her father snapped.

Jane stared at him. How could he threaten her like this? All she ever wanted to know all she could know. He was used to her being submissive, and doing what he wanted no more. “Then, do it.”

Eyebrows shot up on his forehead, and his face paled. “Are you telling me no?”

“You’re smart, you figure it out.” Jane felt the thrill of telling him off. “I’ll study the Library of the Ancients as long as I want. And, if I die at least I’ll die happy.”

Father’s lips tugged downward. “You’ll be dead, Jane. Maybe you’re too young to get it. But, you won’t be around anymore. You want to risk your life, sanity, and mind to watch some old moldy memories about people and places you’ll never see.”

“I will see them, in my mind. They are real. Don’t you understand? This is the whole universe at the tips of my fingers. I won’t go. If you try to drag me out of here the security system will activate. It won’t let you take me.” She motioned at in the direction of the door. “I’m not going.”

His eyes narrowed. “You will regret defying me.” Father turned and walked toward the entrance.

Jane watched him go. Her heart lurched, but she hardened it. It was him, or her dreams. For once in her life Jane followed her dreams.



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