Corpse in a Different Nightmare

Another Chuck Wendig challenge!  This was crazy fun.  This time we used a random title generator.  And, I got Corpse in a Different Nightmare, which sounded so awesome I had to do something with it.  This story ended up kind of zany, a bit weird, just my style.  


Corpse in a Different Nightmare

I woke up dead.  Huh, that’s a weird sentence.  Even weirder I think I’ve heard it before.  I sat up my whole body numb with no pulse.  The knife still sticking out of my neck.  I tapped it with my finger I could feel it vibrating there for several seconds.  It didn’t hurt.  I felt it should hurt, so I winced, but nothing happened.  With a shrug I ripped it out my throat. The whole thing was so bizarre I couldn’t process it. 

I lay on a pile of trash and several bums snoozed across from me on their coats. The air smelled nasty, piss, trash, unwashed bodies, and probably my dead body.  My limbs were all stiff as I shoved myself onto my feet.

The sudden need to see what I looked like overwhelmed me.  “Hey, do you have something I can use as a mirror?”

One snored, the other waved me over.  “Yeah, yeah, you got any money?”

I rolled my eyes, and dug into my pocket, the guy who killed me didn’t take my wallet, what luck.  I pulled out a one, “Here.”

He slapped a metal plate in my hand.  “How drunk were you to fall asleep in this alley?”

“Enough,” I snapped as I held up the plate.  A bit blurry, but I mostly looked the same, besides gross from sleeping in the alley, and blood spilled down my shirt.  Of course, I was always pale and sleepy eyed. “Thanks.” I dropped the ‘mirror’ beside him.

The first thing I needed to do was get a new shirt.  Since, nobody had found my body yet, I doubt anyone knew I was dead.  My apartment wasn’t too far away as I took a fast walk back to it.  The shabby, run down building only requires an access code to get in.  I ran up the stairs at top speed.  The whole while I was thinking how much less painful it was going to be getting around. Running didn’t hurt, walking didn’t hurt, and going up the stairs didn’t hurt, so far being dead was better than being alive.

The keys rattled around in my hands as I flung the door open. I peeled off my clothes leaving them in a pile. I showered really quick and tossed on a new set.  As I was examining my neck wound, which looked like a scar now, a powerful, painful hunger seized my stomach.

I fell to my knees with a cry.  With a moan I crawled over to a bag of chips ripped it open and ate them.  The hunger didn’t shrink at all.  Crap, am I going to have to eat people.  The idea caused my stomach to turn, which made the whole thing even more painful.

I needed to eat.  Maybe, I’ll go eat that guy who killed me. If anyone should suffer I’d be that dick.  All ‘cause his cheap girlfriend had her hands all over me.  And, I told her to piss off.  I can’t believe I was killed over a girl I didn’t even like.  With an agonizing move I straightened my body. I hauled myself down to his apartment.  Yeah, he lived two doors from me.

A few sharp knocks and the door was flung open.  His dark eyes went wide, staring at me.  He blinked several times.  “Gary?”

“Yeah, it’s fucking Gary.”  I slapped him back into the apartment.  “You killed me, over Liz.  I can’t believe you.  Now, I’m undead or something.  And, I’m hungry.”

“Gary you shouldn’t have touched my girl.”  He stuttered reaching for a bat.

A yowl of laughter escaped me as I held my sides.  “You are going to say that to me, after killing me? You think that’s a good reason to kill someone, Ben? Really?”

“Don’t kill me.”  He wailed holding his bat with unsteady hands.

I leapt forward with ease I never had in my life, my hands around his head, and I twisted.  An ear splitting crack filled the air as Ben dropped over.   I was a bit shocked. I’d never even been in a fight till today. Special undead powers are a part of the package, I guess.

A quick scan as I saw a knife. I used it to cut his arm. I took a lick of the trail of blood.   The warm, metallic taste coated my tongue, and I didn’t feel any less pain.  “Okay, Gar, maybe you’re a zombie. Take a bite.”

My eyes squeezed tight as I pushed my teeth in and pulled.  A bit tore off, I didn’t bother to chew, and I swallowed it down.  The pain remained.   Now, I felt sick, and starving.   Maybe, I was some other kind of freaky creature. I went back to my room, got the laptop, and my bloody clothes.  I tossed the clothes on Ben before leaving my apartment.

I wandered down to the local twenty-four hour diner.  They had free Wi-Fi, cheap food, and rude waitresses.  One of my favorites an older lady with cross expression, and too much blush was working. “Gary, what you want?”

“Not sure.” Wish I knew, Felicia.

She rolled her blue eyes. “I’ll get you a coffee.”

I got into the booth switching on the laptop. It hummed to life as Felicia set down the mug. Out of reflex I took a drink. I stared at it. “Holy shit”  I breathed.  The pain vanished.   Never before had I felt so good. It was like sex in a mug.

Felicia eyed me. “What, is it burnt?”


“No, no it’s perfect.” I grinned and she rolled her eyes.



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8 responses to “Corpse in a Different Nightmare

  1. Haha, nice alternate-zombie story. I like how blasé your protagonist is about the whole undead thing. I’d probably be freaked. Great read!

  2. that was awesome! A coffee-drinking undead. love it! =)

  3. A nice change to the bloodsuckers and the flesh eaters. Nice story!

  4. I’m a coffee zombie!!! Woot!

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