Another fun delightful challenge with and Something Punk.  You had to make your own variation of  Punk.  You were suppose to try avoid the typical ones you would run into Steampunk, Biopunk, etc…   The idea that flashed into my head was Soulpunk!  Which, is probably brought on by all the Soul Merchant flash I’ve been writing.  



My soul, my heart, my desire, my love stepped over to join the side with Master Dark. Well, that was disappointing. The swirling glitter of the plane of living realm. The formless swell of millions of souls shined much like the stars in the sky. Blue Knife, my love, motioned with shimmering shards that resembled flesh. He wanted me to stand in Master Dark. I couldn’t do it.

I looked at Lady Soul’s side. The souls shined glossy, and warm unlike the hollow, darker souls on Master Dark’s side. I was the last one to pick whose philosophy I would follow for the rest of my existence. The problem was I agreed with neither of them. They all waited.

“Wanderer, will you decide? It is I, or Master Dark. Do want to be careful with the Powerless, or are you indifferent to their suffering?”

Funny thing about that. Either ‘guideline’ was pretty conceited, pig headed, arrogant, and demeaning. “I think I’ll have to decline.”

“Decline? We went out into this universe, we travelled in Powerless bodies, saw their lives. Then, we agreed to pick a side based on how we felt? Must you always rebel against convention, Wanderer?” Master Dark snapped his energy crackling.

I laughed. They called me Wanderer. Does that sound like someone who likes rules or followed the line? “I like the ‘Powerless’, Master Dark. I love everything about them. They dance. They fight. They drink. They hate. They die.” I swirled around my energy pulsing and dancing around me. “They live!”

All their souls stilled. The feelings of shock and horror washed over me. The wave stung at my soul as I floated backwards. Blue Knife moved toward me rage radiating in a cloud around him. “Wanderer, will choose the Powerless over your own people?”

“Yes, I will. We aren’t like them, but that doesn’t mean they are inferior. They have stuff to offer us, if don’t arrogantly dismiss it. Which, you are.” I touched Blue Knife’s soul feeling our connection.

He tore away at it causing pain to both us. “We are soul mates no longer, Wanderer. You are a disgrace to all our kind. If you love the Powerless so much go back.”

I sighed. The power swirled around me as I pulled up reality of where I had come. My body twisted to have spiky blue hair. I had piercings all over my body, and tattoos on every surface. Tight leather shirt, and pants covered in metal studs, I looked awesome. The decaying metal city, rusted, and blacken stood as a backdrop. I waved my hands. “Look at this. I didn’t even do this to myself, they were like this when I got the body. They can touch each other’s skin. It feels amazing. Sure, they have no control of their souls, or even get them. But, the trade off is mind blowing. I drank a beer? And wow, it was so….” I couldn’t summon on the word for it.. “Then, I got into a fist fight. My knuckles burned with pain. Pain of the flesh.”

Lady Soul pulsed once. “Why do you think all this is advantageous. In this reality we feel no physical pain, there is no stress, no deep suffering. We can wind our souls together or apart. And now we have we can be in their world, and ours. We are both. We are superior, Wanderer in every way.”

I shook my head. “Don’t you see we aren’t. They invent things. Electricity, fire, art, space ships, and all kinds of things we couldn’t even imagine.” I let the passion sing through my soul. The blaze of reds, and purples filled the air. “We could never imagine any of it. All of it is beyond us. We can’t innovate.”

“You choose them over us, then.” Blue Knife voice cut my soul apart. “Then, I’m done with you. They are nothing.”

“They aren’t nothing. And we are using them like toys. We tell them what they want to hear and take them apart. Do you think that is right?” I couldn’t contain my disgust any longer. “They are living, breathing, people who are souls just like us. We either talk about them like they are insects,” My hand flicked to Master Dark. “Or, entertaining pets, who talk and walk.” My hands flick to Lady Soul.

Lady Soul and Master Dark step forward, their hands together. They spoke with the weight of the Soul People. “Wanderer you have dismissed your people. We dismiss you. You are no longer the Wanderer, you are Unnamed.”

The name pulled from my soul as the pain overwhelmed me. “Fine, I’ll stand with everyone else. I don’t need you, or your approval. I’ll protect them from you.”

“How will you do that? There are millions of us, and one of you.” Master Dark sneered with his shadowed soul. The darkness twisted and twirled around me.

“Easy, one soul at a time. I’m going back to flesh. Have fun with your shallow lives.” I descended into the body. I sat up from my coma with a smile.



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3 responses to “Shattersoul

  1. Interesting piece! I liked the otherworldly quality that it had to it. Felt like I was listening to some conversation I wasn’t supposed to be privy to.

    • Thanks so much. I wanted to make somewhat of an intimate scene where she had to cast off everyone she’d ever known, because what they were doing was wrong. Before they’d interacted with the ‘Powerless’ it never occurred to her.

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