Solving Crimes

Another week of  Flash Fiction Challenge from Chuck Wendig.  This week was a list of pretty random words.  

An unopened envelope.

A dead man’s guitar.

A rocking chair.

A chess piece.

A road sign.

A child’s toy.

A leather mask.

An animal skull.

An iron horseshoe.

A police officer’s badge.

I picked road sign, leather mask, animal skull, and a police officer’s badge.  I took a somewhat stretchy interpretation of the items.

Solving Crimes

The light blinded me as my hover car took an abrupt stop at the flashing neon sign. The roar of traffic caused me to slam my windows shut. After all these years in the city, you’d think I’d be used to it. I checked the clock on my wheel. “Dammit.” Late again, my partner is going love that.

My car sat itself behind Verona’s car. Verona’s is my partner. I tumbled out my car and let out a low whistle. This house was big. It took up half of what my apartment complex did. Walls made of glass, and holographic decorations everything, some rich guy died.

I jogged up to the house huffing and puffing. One of the deputies on duty held out a hand to stop me. “Sir, I need to see your badge.”

My eyes rolled as I pulled out my badge, the contiuning ribbon of my badge number, and name going around the bottom. “I’m a detective, are you going to let me in?” I’m an arrogant jerk.

As I stepped inside my eyes turned into saucers. The walls were covered in holographic animal skulls. “That’s pretty freaky.”

“It is. But, you should see the body, Doug.” Verona gravelled voice came from behind me. I stepped back to look at her. Older lady with gray hair, she kind of looked like someone’s grandma. “Over here, slow poke.”

A groan rumbled in my throat. “Hey, I was only five minutes late this time.”

“Whatever.” She replied as she stood above a reeking human body.

A few strides and I stood over it as well. The man’s body was twisted with multiple slash marks across it. A big blade had slashed him apart. Scraps of fabric is all that was left of his fancy suit. “That’s pretty freaky too. What’s the score so far?”

“No wife, no kids, few friends. No obvious reason to kill him. Techs haven’t gotten here yet.” She let out a loud sigh. She tapped her finger against her holopad. “Techs are you like you, half competent, and always late.”

“Don’t shower me with compliments, Verona. I might get a big head.” I adjusted my hat, and looked around. The rest of the place was pretty untouched. None of the furniture had even been moved. “Was all the doors and windows checked for break in?”

Verona eyed me before checking her holopad. “Yes, they were. No sign of it anywhere. And, as you see no struggle. Pretty strange. If someone attempted to hack me apart, I’d struggle.”

I nodded. Not much for me to say, cause she was right. The crime scene didn’t make sense. “I wonder if the body was dumped here.”

Verona knelt down and looked over the body. “I’m not sure. I’m not a tech. The blood seems leaked into the carpet.”

You right, you aren’t a tech.” I awaited the eventible glare. “I’ll check his bedroom. Call me once the techs know what’s going on.” I held up my holopad downloading the blue print before I wandered to the bedroom.

The hallway was painted in geometric pattern of black, gray, and white. Yeah, real classy guy with his dead animals and modern art. The bedroom was almost as classy with pictures of naked ladies, and mirrors on the ceiling. There’s a possible murder suspect: the fashion police.

There wasn’t anything in the bedroom that might give me a clue. A chuckle reverberated in the room. I swung around. A scream got trapped in my throat.

A massive, burly figure stood in a beaten leather mask. In one hand is a massive blade swinging absently. He gurgled at me.

“Hey, big fella. Why don’t you put the weapon down.” I pretended to rub my neck switching on my comm button.

The man laughed lunged forward blade flying at me. I closed my eyes as the pain hit, the crunch of bones filled the air. Everything went numb.

Verona’s voice came over the comm. “Doug, what happening?”

“Found the blademan.” I croaked.



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2 responses to “Solving Crimes

  1. Ooh, mysterious murder and a leather-masked assailant. Nice story; a very easy read, with well-developed character and good pacing. You might want to cast a critical eye over it again as I spotted a few typos, but other than that little bit of polish I thought it was great.

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