Lovely Thing

Okay, this week Chuck Wendig did a challenge but it was for a one liner.  That really didn’t seem to be enough content for an entire post.  So, instead I went back one of the challenges I did and came at again.  I went back to the random character generator.  The challenge was to pick one you randomly generator.   My original story was “Are you Hungry?”.   I’ll tell what random phrase I got this time at the end so I don’t ruin the surprise.

Lovely Thing

A pair of long legs walked on cracked, dry soil. They were attached to a narrow chest with a ragged, but bright shirt. On top of that was a narrow, impish face. The man brushed his black hair behind bejeweled ears as he sung a little song to himself. “Come on Lassie, and dance with me. We’ll dance til there is nothing more to see.” Around him were rolling fields filled with grain. The sun burned bright above, but he looked cool, and relaxed.

A smooth gait took him forward as a young girl pulled a mule down the road. He waved at her. “Lovely girl, may I beg you a pardon and ask you for a drink of your water?” He gave her a touch of bow.

Her cheeks were touched with a bit of pink. “Oh, sure.” She reached down and handed him the flask from her hip.

As he took the flask, he swept up her hand with a light kiss. “Thank you, sweet darling.”

Her eyes fluttered as she ducked her head. “You needed be so kind. It is a just a bit of water.”

“True,” He held out the flask. “However, since I’m about to rob you I feel it is needed.”

She whipped around knocking him down. “I don’t think so.” The flask went spinning spraying water everywhere. The mule startled and sprinted forward a few feet.

He laughed, tossing the girl off. “Its only grain. Is that worth your life? Come now, I have no desire to harm you.”

She landing with a thud, dust flying up around her. She sat up her hand pressed against her side. “That’s what promised to the lord. If you take it, we’ll starve. You are stealing my life, bandit.”

The bandit flinched as he wrapped his hand around the mule’s rope. “We all are trying to survive, my girl. I pity your plight, but I must look after my own first.” He pulled the mule down the road.

A scream from behind caused him to whip his head around. The girl tackled him. Her small fists punching him hard into his face. “You lying pig. You wearing a king’s ransom. I won’t let you.”

A scowl bloomed across his smiling fascade as he took her fists in hand. “Enough,” He twisted her arms shoving her down. “I never met such an improper girl.”

She fixed with a utterly incredulous face before breaking out in a laugh. “Are you lecturing me on proper behavior? I can’t believe it.”

“Are you going to stop this nonsense, I don’t want to hurt you further.” He grinned at her. “You aren’t going to win. Let’s not make it any harder on either us.”

She spat at him kicking at him with her legs. She twisted hard as tried to punch him. A lucky shot caused him to howl and let go. She scrambled away snatching the mule’s lead as she ran.

The bandit lifted his head with narrowed eyes. He sprinted up to her knocking her hand away with a slap. “I need the grain to live. You and yours will be fine. Don’t make this any worse.” He wrapped the rope around his hand backing way from her.

Her dark eyes flashed as wiped a bit of blood from her hand. She launched up again her eyes boiling with rage.

He deflected her knocking her aside. She bounced against the ground and smashed into a fence post with crack. A grasp as she wrapped one arm around her chest. The bone in her other arm poking against her skin. A yipping cry emerging from her throat.

The Bandit face turned stark white. “Sorry, sweet thing. I didn’t want it be this way. If you weren’t so stubborn.” He sighed and shook his head. “I’ll let someone know your hurt further down the road.” He crossed his heart with one finger. “I promise.”

Tears ran down her face. Her back stood straight as she closed her eyes. “I curse you bandit. I curse you endure a curse of your own making. I curse you, I curse you, I curse you.” Her words rumbling omiously and for a second the world seemed darker.

He chuckled. “Ah, good ole’ melodrama.” He turned and made his way down the road. He saw a farmer passing by. “Hail friend! A young girl tripped and fell into a fence post down the road. She might need a healer of some sort.”

The farmer lost his friendly grin. His eyes twitched. “I’ll send for the healer, but I won’t go down the road. Those people aren’t right.” The farmer rushed over to his cart taking off with more speed than wisdom toward his home.

The bandit shrugged. “The girl was pretty odd.” He walked a while longer before stepping off the road. He came before a stop before a river. “Seamus, get the grain, I need more gold so I can go home.” The second he mentioned home his feet started to move. The bandit’s feet kept moving even when he tried to stop them. “What?” He snapped.

Another man emerged as Bandit’s feet didn’t stay still. “What are you doing?” Seamus asked dropped a bag onto the Bandit’s hand.

“I don’t know. Take the stupid mule, I’ll be glad to be rid of it, and the memories of that pretty thing.” Bandit voice started to rise in a bit of panic.

“What pretty thing? Did you steal this from a young girl, a bit pretty?” Seamus asked his voice rushed with a touch of panic.

Bandit nodded, his feet pulling back to road. “Yes, why? What is happening, Seamus. Tell me.” His voice growing higher, and faster with each word.

“Oh no, friend. She’s a witch. I hope you didn’t do anything to upset her very much.” Seamus noted taking the mule away.

Bandit’s eyes grew wide as feet carried him away the gold still jangling in his hand.

Random Generator Phrase was “Charming bandit doomed to wander the world.”



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