Planet of Jirth, Part 16

The process took a long time. The spaceport filled with aliens, and Einlari alike. I needed to distract myself. I ran into a young man who ran one of sprawling hotels. I had been drinking in the lobby, and reading some of the recent rulings of the Council.

“Teacher, do you need a refill?” Einlari called me Teacher most knew who I was, but didn’t know my name.

I glanced up at the boy. A flash of dark brows and eyes came to me. “I’m fine right now, thank you. What is your name?”

He frowned. “Einlari of Hotel Managment.”

Ko the Jirth and their title-names. “I meant your Einlari name. And, don’t forget I can read minds.” I couldn’t really, but most believed I could.

“Juin.” He seemed to relax the tension flowing out his shoulders.

“Nice to meet you Juin. I am Rilas. And may I ask why a manager is serving guests?” I’ll admit it, I didn’t enjoy reading reports anymore now than I had before the Jirth.

He shifted back and forth. “A lot of them are afraid of you. People worry you are on the Jirth side. I told them you’re not. But, they wondered why nothing has happened since you went to the Intergalactic Council.”  His emotions were a broad spectrum.  He seemed nervous, excited, and distrustful.

“They haven’t even looked at it yet. I managed to move it up in the priority. They look over a whole galaxy takes time. I suppose I went to the Intergalactic Council before you were born.” Twenty – five years didn’t seem to long to me anymore, but I understand when you would never see a hundred years it seemed a long while to wait.

A dark red blush hit his pale cheeks his gaze dropped. “My mother still carrying me when you went.”

I held my hands palms up. “I apologize, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

He sat down beside me and gave me an intense look. “I did want to ask you something, the other reason I came over here.”

“Oh?” curiosity piqued my interest. Most of the time my own people avoid me.

“Go On Don said I have latent abilities they could activate. I don’t know what to do. That is what happened to you, isn’t it? Should I go?” His dark eyes rounded into circles making him look young and vulnerable.

“In a way.” I didn’t feel the need to go into the far past. “Does it appeal to you to go?”

He dropped his gaze as twisted his lips together. “I’d be free of the Jirth. I wouldn’t have to manage this hotel anymore. I don’t like it. I kind feel like I don’t fit in. People like me well enough, but I never feel as if I belong.”

“I felt the same.” He jerked up his head eyes a bit wide. “I used to be a leader of a community long ago. I was a part of it, but never within it. If the Go On Don think you have the talent I would go.” The next words tumbled out of my mouth before I could think about it. “I’ll go with you, if you wish. My duties are fairly minor anymore. The Jirth don’t trust me.” It shouldn’t have surprised me, I knew I was lonely.

A light lit up his eyes. “You’d go with me? Really?”

“I thought you didn’t like me?” I couldn’t hide the amusement in my voice.

“But, you are Einlari. Maybe, Einlari like me.” The few, very few Einlari, who shared my bond with Go On Don were the closest to what I had as a true community. None of them could live as long as me. They faded with time, and I missed each one.

“Perhaps. Let the Go On Don know I will go with you, and when you leave, I’ll leave as well.” It would fill the time. Besides I hadn’t been back with the Go On Don since my meeting with the council. At died a few weeks afterward, and Viirra soon would die as well. I’d missed having companions.

Juin jumped up. “Thanks, I’ll do that.” I watched him walk away absorbed in my private grief.



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