Planet of Jirth, Part 11

The testing itself is boring, I stood up in a scanner, and left to get the results. The next few days I occupied myself talking to Viirra and At. The thought never far from my mind.

Rilas, why are you so concerned with it?” At asked his black eyes gleaming.

Viirra looked at At. “A woman is allowed her own council, don’t you think At? Feminine mystery and all.” The way she tried to deflect At’s interest was admirable.

He cocked his head at her, while scratching at the base of his antler. “Feminine mystery. I don’t think Runnil women do such a thing.” His black nose twitched. “Definitely not.”

“Well, Pirfectia, and Einlari women do.” With a covert smile she pulled on the strands of her hair. At always reacted to it.

He started to twitch. “Viirra, I do not like seeing you pull on your hair. Torturing yourself in such a manner.”

“I told you before, At, it does not hurt me. Runnil must have very delicate hair.” She let out a small laugh.

Her protector began to pace back and forth. A long string of clicks, and clacks emanated from him. The translator stuttered over the words. “Beloved. The hive trouble. Intergalatic Council contact.”

Viirra narrowed her eyes. She responded back mentally as the back wave of emotion hit me.  Every part of it filled with fear. “Can I hold both of you. I need to send out a call, I can’t do it alone.”

With hesitation I reached out to her. Her strange limp hands closed around mine. At followed suit. Energy felt as if it was being sucked out of me. The urge to throw her off grew great. I struggled to hold it back. A searing pain began to fill my head. I almost let go to clutch my head. The pain began to fade as Viirra let go of me. “Thank you.”

I shook myself up for a moment to get a hold my barrings. “Is everything alright?”

“I’m not certain. The hive is fine, but I think perhaps the current Mother is dying.” Never before had I seen Viirra so unsettled. She shifted to gaze to stare at the Kircurk.

At pulled himself up straight. “Are you going to have to take over the hive? “

“No.” Viirra shook herself off. “She gave me the all clear. Still, Pirfectia do not grow sick easily. I sent for a medics to arrive there as well. The hive already lost the true rulers, it would be worse if Pirfectia died off as well.”

I couldn’t quite follow the conversation. Some of it I knew, about the Pirfectia running the colonies for the Kircurk. What I did not know is how the they figured who go what colony. And I didn’t really know anything about the Kircurk or the Pirfecta culture outside my limited experience. Part of me desired to know, but I didn’t want to over do it.

Kircurk took a couple of quick strides over to Viirra. The chitin arms pulled her up into an embrace. Another slew of clicks filled the air. “Beloved mother safe hive protected lack worry.”

I felt my eyes bulge out of my head. Perhaps my translating couldn’t manage to translate, but it seemed to me as if the creature calling her beloved. “Are you, with it?” I motioned at Kircuk unable to stop myself.

Viirra slipped out it’s grasp. “Not in the usual sense. We aren’t lovers.” A short explosion of laughter before she continued on. “But, they love the Mother of every generation. The top males protected her, and one chosen as a mate. As the next Mother, I have a chosen protecter. Nothing more or less. A cultural term to say I am his chosen is all. He cares for me, and I him.”

As unfair as it might be, I felt a certain relief about it. The idea of a bug and a something that seemed like an Einlari in a relationship was too far outside my comfort zone. “It must be nice to have someone care about in your life.”

A sadness filled her eyes. “You can always find someone, Rilas.” The sorrow faded. “There is one benefit to all this.”

“What’s that?” I said.

“You’ve probably forgotten about those results you were waiting for.” She said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

I chuckle a bit, because it was true. I opened my mouth to reply when a chime went off in the handheld computer in my pocket. The results had finished compiling. I shot out of my chair. “I have to go.” I rushed out the room at top speed to review them.


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