Planet of Jirth, Part 7

Viirra showed up, half way to my room. “I sensed your anger, Rilas.”

“That’s delightful.” My teeth clicked together on the rest of acerbic reply.

Viirra pink eyes widened a touch. She pulled at a strand of matching hair. “I cannot read your mind, Rilas. You must tell me what is bothering you.”

“I’m not interested in talking right now.” In truth I needed to cool down, and collect my thoughts. Part of me realized they were doing the best they could. Rationality and reasons had little to do with my emotions.

Her brows pressed down flattening her eyes. “You need to calm yourself. I’m sure your emotions are radiating across the whole ship. Runnil are very sensitive, and I’m the least. You are most likely making the base quite uncomfortable.”

“Am I suppose to get rid of my emotions in order to not discomfort you?” Against my desire to stay calm my words exploded out of me. I threw my arms back in disbelief.

Viirra eyes narrowed to pale pastel silts before she threw her head with a laugh. “No, my apologizes. I came here to offer you a way to stop projecting your every feeling, and emotion for everyone.”

The next burst of anger paused, as it took me a moment to consider her words. Did she mean that I been sharing my feelings with everyone? My face felt hot. “What?”

Viirra smirked. “May I have your hand?”

I held it out.

Her fine white finger wrapped around my older, weathered hand. Her skin radiated heat. The muscles felt too soft, almost limp as she pressed down on my hand. A cool breeze reached out spreading from my hand, into the rest of my body. A shroud covered my mind. The anger, irritation, worries were all there, but protected from the outside. She let go. “It is temporary. If your evaluation goes well, you’ll be able to make your own.”

“Thank you.” I dipped my body in brief bow. I can be gracious.

Rilas,” Viirra’s tone caused me to lift my head. “Why are you so troubled? You should speak to someone about it.”

“And, why should I pick you? Or, anyone here? You probably have your own agenda. I’m the only one of my kind. I have no one to turn to, and no one to trust.” There was more honesty in the statement, than I originally had planned for.

Viirra shrugged. I noticed a black figure detach from the wall. Her protector, the strange insect creature who always followed her. “I should not tell you this. In truth, Rilas, you have more in common with the Go On Don, than your people. Mentals are the same regardless of the race they hail from. There are exceptions, the Runnil for instance, are all Mentals.”

“How can I be more like a bunch of strange creatures, who I barely understand?” The idea seemed absurd.

“I am more like you than my kin.” Viirra held out her hand to me. “Take my hand, I will show you my life, and my heart. There is no risk to you, I assure you.”

The soft, white hand felt like a snake poised to strike. I closed my eyes, and banished my fear. It would not win. I took it my eyes still closed.

My mind flooded with images, scents, and sounds I could not recognize. Viirra’s voice spoke to me, telling me to stay calm, and wait. Having little choice, I did as she asked. A quiet, shorten version of her life came to me. In her beginning of her life, she was promised to run Hive Tirkite. Her power glowed as if a beacon to the Krickiktar. As she grew older she resisted with her heart, and body. She ran away many times. But, other’s who had been chosen drew her in. They could see beyond life as it was, see horizons not yet imagined by other of the Pirfectia. She bonded with them. With her mind kin she learned more, and cared deeper than even with her birth family. Then, she met a Go On Don representative and knew true peace. The meeting memory filled with feelings of happiness, acceptance, and understanding. They spoke mind to mind. And her world, which was already expanded, grew to know more. She knew, if I allowed myself, it would be my fate as well.

I let go and opened my eyes. “I believe you. Still, I do not know if it will apply to me in the end. Perhaps, I am not a Mental. And, even if I am I’m probably not strong enough to stand with them.”

She covered her mouth as sweet, and high sound emerged. A laugh I could only assume. “Oh, Rilas, you could have not absorbed all you have if you were not. Your ability to absorb new information is beyond comprehension. A lesser mind would have floundered long before.”

“Maybe.” I still did not believe. “I guess we’ll see, when my testing arrives.”

Viirra retreated a bit. “And you will see I am right. I know it.” She inclined her head before leaving with her shadow.

I entered my room, and got some well deserved rest.



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