Planet of Jirth, Part 2

Author’s Note: Sorry, about the late post had some dental work done, and slept through my deadline.  Hope you enjoy the story!


The ride took a while, my stomach did little flip flops when all motion stopped. Priest of Jirth stood up as the door opened. With a bit of a jog to keep up with its pace, we made it back above ground. The area here was clear with more of the pilant material and the ‘trees’ trimmed back. A circular building in dark gray stood with many Jirth standing around it, and going in and out.

“Teacher of Einlari, come now. Go On Don representative is waiting inside the Office.” Its voice broke in my observations.

As I rushed after the Priest of Jirth I realized it seemed worried about this meeting. As far as I know Priest of Jirth never hurried, and always moved at its own pace.

The inside of the office was plain, done in gray. A turn down a dark hallway let us to a round room with a half circle desk, and five rounded chairs. A Jirth stood behind the desk, but in front of it was an even taller, furry creature with an elongated face, and large black eyes. The furry creature bowed in my direction. “I greet you from the Go On Don. From the file you are called Administar Rilas, yes?”

The voice was lovely, with a musical lit that reminded of singer I once knew. An echo of the words repeated in my mind. I wondered if it had some ability to project its thoughts. “Yes, the Jirth call me Teacher of Einlari, however.”

“I am Ambassador of Jirth and I greet you Teacher of Einlari. Jirth will exit, and allow Go On Don we’ll leave you to talk.” Ambassador of Jirth grabbed the arm of the Priest of Jirth half pulling it out of the room.

Go Oo Don representative did not say anything until they had both left. Once they were gone, it flashed a row of sharp teeth before settling into a one of the chairs. “Sit. I am glad they are gone, we can have an honest dialogue between us.”

The seats were very padded, and I enjoyed it on my still sore bones. “Do you think the Jirth inhibit honesty?”

The creature flashed it’s teeth, again. “They have their own concerns, as do you. I am a Runnil, called AiTiBe. You can call me At, it is a nickname many other races call me. I am also letting you know I can read thoughts as easily as one can read paper. I cannot turn the ability off, it is always active. I apologize, but it is a part of my nature.”

That seemed honest enough to me, which pleased me. “Thank you.” To be truthful, I didn’t fully understand what it meant. “So, why did you want to meet me?”

“What have Jirth told me about Go On Don?” At folded its long bony hands in it’s lap.

I pinched my lips together in thought. “Not much. You work with people who have powerful mental abilities.”

At made a jarring hoot sound. “I am male, since you are wondering. What they said is true, but it does not truly dig into the reality of it. May I show you, connect our minds together?”

“I think it would be helpful.” I reached out my hand, and he wrapped a furry hand around it.

A feeling of sheer intensity overwhelmed my mind as knowledge pumped into it. Sensations, sounds, and beats filled every thought. I felt my eyes close. My body began to shake, and twist a little. The flow stopped. “I…” I swallowed. “I understand, but it is a jumble.”

“Take a moment. Let me tell you about why we wished to contact you.” At resettled his hands in lap. “Your ability at accept a new reality, and information far ahead of your race evolution is impressive. The fact you are able to absorb such information hints that you have great mental ability. We went to use some equipment we have to see what abilities you may have, and if you have some activate them.”

The reeling sensation faded off, and my mind seemed to be sloshed. “Can we go for a walk?”

At nodded. “Of course.”



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