Planet of Jirth, Part 1

This story is about Administer Rilas, a recurring character in my blog.  If you would like to read other stories about her, check out People of the Sky to learn how she met the Jirth to begin with.  To hear about how she acquired the concept of modern technology go to Ship of Jirth.

Several weeks passed as I learned things, a month ago, I wouldn’t have imagined. The magical doors were not magical, as I first thought, they were controlled by magnets. The voice was an artificial intelligence, which I did not fully understand, but a computer, who was a person. The changing pictures were screen which displayed data. My world felt endless, but terrifying.

The last week of studying had been devoted completely to Jirth themselves. I did not understand their society. Your name is your profession, and all individuality was forsaken for the group. From my conversation with the Priest of Jirth I could tell they felt the system was superior. I did not agree, nor would I ever.

But, soon ground would be beneath my feet. The Doctor of Jirth spent most of the time running tests to make sure I could live on their home world. It assured me I could eat the food, and breath the air. Though, there wasn’t much I could do about it. I did not wish to come all this way, and then give up. My old way of living was over, to write with a quill, and talk about the Goddess of All-Living, I couldn’t do it anymore. I would see the Planet of Jirth, even if it killed me.

Today was that day, I would step onto the soil, and see their world for myself. A few shots, and I stood at the airlock trying to maintain my calm. The whoosh of it opening made my heart jump up and down in my chest. A pale greenish mist flowed around my feet. The door swung open. A large reddish orb hung in a purple sky. Deep blue green treelike plants extended into the sky with strange triangular leaves. I hopped out of the door onto a soft, pliant gray material. “It’s…” I could think of no words to describe it.

Priest of Jirth followed behind me. “Come, we’ll take an underground train to our ambassador’s office. A member of the Go On Don wishes to meet Teacher of Einlari.”

I looked up at it, and frowned. “Who are the Go On Don?” My lessons had never mentioned them.

Priest of Jirth motioned for me to follow with two of its blunt fingers. A deep stairwell lit with blue globes. “They are an old organization, one of the oldest. They concern themselves with only people of importance, or rare mental abilities. Priest of Jirth report made them curious if you had latent abilities  If so, Jirth will sponsor you for working with them. It is a great honor, especially for a young race, as Einlari.”

I pondered over the information as we made it a small platform lit up with more colored globes. A silver tube with a panel open to a deep red interior filled with the tall seats I had come to associate with Jirth. “I’m glad to be meeting someone from the Go On Don then.”

Priest of Jirth large eye blinked at me from the side of its oval face. “You are so respectful, Teacher of Einlari. Are you feeling ill?”

As I stepped inside the tube, I spent a moment trying to pinpoint how I felt. “No, I feel fine.”

It nodded, as a deep rose blush rose up around it’s spots. “Good, settle down, the ride will be a while  Teacher of Einlari.”


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