The Greatest Discovery

The door flew open covering the bunk, and small table with light. “Craic, get up.” An older man wearing a white stained jumpsuit half shouted while bouncing up and down.

A head lifted from the top bunk. “What is it Phain, I’m sleeping.” It dropped behind the pillow.

“I figured it out. Get up, you must come see it.” Phain shouted back, clasping his hands together.

Craic’s hands pulled on the railing so he half hung over the side. “What are you babbling about?” He rubbed his eyes.

Phain pulled on him with one swift tug. “I’ll show you, get up and come to the lab.” He rushed out the room leaving the door wide open.

“Save me.” Craic muttered as he half tumbled down the bunk. A swift kick made the door slam shut with a bang. A fist bashed into a round glowing button as part of the wall opened to reveal a row of white jumpsuits. He shrugged out of the loose gray wrap he was wearing, and tugged on the jumpsuit. He shoved the door open, and wobbled down the white, brightly lit hallway.

A glass wall showed Phain as well as several others in white jumpsuits standing around one of the gleaming metal tables. The glass doors opened with a whoosh. “Ko, Phain, what did you need to wake me up for in the middle of my sleep.”

His hands jerked back and forth in quick succession. “You have to see it to believe it.”

Craic grumbled his way over stopping next to the table. The top had been turned on the observation screen in each one by one section was a different small furry creature with big ears, and long corkscrew tails. “I’ve seen leikurs before, Phain.” His tone flat, and tinged with anger.

Phain winced. “I know, it’s not the leikurs, sir. It is what I did to them. Click on one of them and read the data. I swear it is worth all the build up.”

“It had better be. I’m the supervisor of this operation. And, considering it’s a secret project you better hope I’m not irritated enough to be rid of you.” Craic snapped. He stretched to his full height as he glared down his nose at the cowering Phain.

Craic grunted in satisfaction and pressed a finger into the one of images. A sheet text file popped up filled with statistical numbers. A brow lifted on his face, and his lips parted a touch. “Are these accurate?”

Phain nodded his eyes still downcast.

Another click, another set of statistics, Craic lips split into a grin. “Have you managed to get this procedure to work on all of these leikurs?”

Phain nodded, this time he lifted his head.

“You have done a miracle, Dr. Phain. You have successfully altered the genetics of these adult creatures with virtually no side effects.” He switched his gaze to the rest of the gathered doctors, and scientists. “Everyone drop your assignments, and work full time on this project. We need to work to get the side effects down to nothing or as close to nothing as we can. And, we need to start acquiring more complex creatures to test on.”

He turned and gave Phain a crushing hug. “Even with what you have here, you have managed to change the world.”

Phain wheezed causing Craic to let him go. “I do worry, sir.”

“Worry about what? It isn’t perfect, but still it amazes me.” Craic eyes lit up, as he stared out past everyone.

Phain bit his lip. “Sir, this invention could be misused. I am glad we can begin to correct the genetic damage done due to the fall, with our gene pool so shrunken we lost a lot of viable genes. But, people might use it to enhance themselves more than necessary. We might create a super class.”

Craic glowered and shook Phain. “Don’t be foolish. The information is going to the government, who is bankrolling us. Are you proposing I do not give them the information?”

“No, no, of course not.” Phain lost all color his skin seemed bleached.

“Then, keep your insane thoughts to yourself. This discovery will only make our world better, not worse.” Craic pronounced his voice thundering.

Phain dropped his head with a nod. His eyes were filled with tears.




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