Ship of Jirth, Part 4

The three fingers hands lifted the metal ring up high. The ring bopped up and down. My feet skittered across the floor. The chilly, hard surface of the wall seeped through the thin fabric of my shirt. My heart thudded in my chest.

“Teacher of Einlari, calm yourself.” Priest of Jirth tone was sharp. The circle moved over my head.

I slide down the wall, my arms thrust upward to protect my vulnerable head.

Priest of Jirth did not even pause.  The circle hovered above my arms. “You fear. There is no need.”

I flayed, and the band went flying, it bounced off the ground with a twang.

“Teacher of Einlari.” With a step, the Priest of Jirth had retrieved it. “You will wear the solution. If you fight, I will bring Warriors of Jirth. Be easy.”

My doom had arrived, I accepted it. I had seen the university, had a good life, and got to ride on a starship. The cool, icy metal rested on my head. A moment later, my mind filled with pain. A flood of images, thoughts, and words streaked across my vision. My brain throbbed, as felt myself panicking. But, it was at a distance, as if I was not longer connected to myself. More and more until I felt myself scream.

I sat up in my bed. I wasn’t sure how, or when I had gotten there. The Priest of Jirth was gone. The band was still on my head. Yet, a new thought came to me, a thought not my own. The knowledge transfer device was almost done, now I needed to operate with it a few days, before the new knowledge was fully incorporated. A yelp tore out my throat, as I tumbled off the bed. It was my thought, but how did I know that? I didn’t even understand, what I knew.

The knowledge flowed in, explaining it was a device that taught primitive people, like the Einlari, about knew the technology. Suddenly, it all made sense.

A starship, I understood how it could work. A computer, it was much the same as a quill and pen, but advanced. Jirth lived in another world, far away, far more vast than a single ocean. A vein of confusion ran in all these words, but I could sense it fading. I, even, understood how advanced the technology was to have a knowledge transfer device.

The magnetic door slide open. Priest of Jirth stepped in. “Greetings, Teacher of Einlari. Do you understand more?”

“I understand more, but I still feel confused. A little lost.” The feeling was confusing, and enlightening.

Priest of Jirth’s spots flushed a deep crimson. “Good. I am pleased. We are a week away from our home. You should start using the computer to learn more about Jirth. Jirth are not like Einlari.”

I smiled. I wanted to use the computer. It could give me the answers I craved. “What does your planet look like?”

Priest of Jirth opened the door. “Soon, you will see. Very soon, Teacher of Einlari.”


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