Strange, Blue Neighbors, Part 3


After about a week Jin, the science officer, had established the environment contained no toxins, and was safe. They set up a base camp outside, with private tents, and a real outdoor shower.  Girgis was sitting on a portable chair drinking tea, wishing it was fine beer. Jin was wandering around the camp trying to find out if the food was safe to eat. “Jin, how soon on the food?”

Jin didn’t turn around. “I don’t know. It is typically just fine, but I should check. Why don’t you ever harass Al?”

“Al is my doctor. He could skip giving me pain meds’ if I piss him off. You, however, work for me.” Girgis said with a big stupid grin on his face.

Jin shook his head before heading out of camp. Right away one of the combat trained crew members detached themselves and followed him.

With a big swallow of tea, Girgis smiled. He spent some time watching his crew work as a well oiled machine. A crew of five workers, and Faar were going out for one the caves to mine. The rest was establishing better lines of getting water to the base camp, and organizing the ore bins, along with  other various equipment.

He noticed lurking around the edges were the aliens. Faar had been right, they had not once offered any kind of violence. They looked strange to Girgis. He knew once, his world, Amon, had welcomed aliens of many worlds, but not since The Fall. These ones looked mostly like Alaget, but they were tiny. Their heads barely reaching his chest. Their features were sharp, and high.  And what stood out the most was their skin in various shades of blue. They also wore very bright colored clothing, had lots of tattoos, and decorations in their hair.

As he watched, one approached the camp. It had a nice rack, so he was guessing it was female. It’s white hair had a variety of dark purple, and red beads in it. Its outfit was a red and purple swirled leather dress.

One guard shifted to intercept it.

“Hey now, leave her be. Perhaps, she wants to check us out. Fine with me. Let’s not assume their violent. Just keep an eye on her.” Girgis voice was sharp, making sure his message got across.

She stepped into camp and moved toward him. She got close enough that she stood about three arm lengths away. At this distance he realized she had tattoos lining her eyes in small dots of red and purple. She inclined her head toward him.

He copied the gesture.

She held her palms out, showing she had no weapons, but a small pouch in one hand.

“What’s that, my dear?” He asked in a mild tone.

She smiled at him and held it out to him.

Girgis shrugged and took it.

She bowed to him, and took swift, fast strides out of the camp.

He untied the knot and shook the contents onto his lap. It was a small metal disc incised with symbols he did not recognize. “He tapped the communicator attached to his chair. “Let Jin know, they aliens have their own language, and can probably do metallurgy. More advanced than we originally thought.”

He stood up and surveyed the planet. He was lush with deep greens, and forest nearby. A stream ran not far away from base camp. He wondered where their village was. He asked the crew if they had seen any dwelling they hadn’t. He yawned. At least, they were friendly, and didn’t seem to mind them trampling around their planet.

Tomorrow, he thought, I’ll head out and explore.


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