Strange, Blue Neighbors, Part 2

The rocking of the ship, caused Girgis to open one eye. He lifted his head a bit, but there were no alarms going off. “Of course you landed smoothly, my love.” He shoved his blanket onto the floor. He turned on the faucet rubbing some water on his face. He scratched his arm on his way out the door.

Ten of his crew members, half, were waiting in the cargo bay getting on environmental suits. “The environment is dangerous?”

The red haired woman from earlier, shook her head. “Most likely no, but I’m having Wein run more tests before we risk it.”

“Nothing wrong with being careful, Faar. Do want me to go out on the first expedition, or should I get some breakfast?” Girgis asked, his eyes dancing with excitement.

“If you want, but we are about to go now. We are only surveying the landing zone, looking for basic dangers. We haven’t even established base camp.” Faar responded, strapping some weapons to her suit.

Girgis nodded. “You are the security officer, I’ll hit the mess.”

He turned and ambled into the crew quarters, through a side door into a small hall that could barely hold twenty-one people assigned to this ship. Only one person was in the mess. “Al, how’s the food reserves looking?”

A short, dark the man was leaning against the counters. “Not the best, boss. We have maybe a month of dried goods before we need to hit a port to restock. I’m hoping there will be food we can eat on this planet. From the initial scans, it is pretty close to the Jirth homeworld in composition, and we can eat Jirth food.”

Girgis grunted. He grabbed a food pack, and dumping it into a mug. “Let’s hope, the ore scans here are impressive. We need the materials. We must rebuild.”

Al’s dark eyes filled with sorrow. “I know. We all know, Boss. It wasn’t long enough ago, that anyone would have forgotten.”

Girgis moved over the heated water dispenser, dumping some it on the dehydrated food. “I hope for another reason. I’m really tired of eating this crap.”

Al laughed, and took another drink out his mug. “What I wouldn’t do for a shot of good liquor, right now.”

“Hail to the Jirth, friend. I would give my right pinky for it.” He took a big drink of his mug, and made a scrunched up face at it.

“Captain?” Faar’s voice came in through the intercom.

He set down his mug. “What is it, Faar?”

“There is some native alien life here, appears to be nonviolent, orders?” Her voice sounded a bit stranded, and with a steady hum of interference in the background.

Girgis bounced back and forth on the balls of his feet. “You are the security officer, do they seem like a threat to you?”

Several minutes went by, before the intercom crackled again. “I don’t believe so. I’ll keep an eye on them, with a probe, and once we make camp I’ll leave a guard up. Just as a precaution, I don’t see them posing a real threat.”

“I’ll trust your judgement. I know you are paranoid and hostile, so if your fine with them, I’m sure their fuzzy children’s toys.” He responded with a smile on his lips.

Al laughed into his hand.

“Judgmental vin. See you in a bit, boss. Try to keep your enthusiasm down until tomorrow.”

“Aye Aye, madam.”


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