Strange, Blue Neighbors, Part 1

Light’s flashed in bright bursts on a pale blue screen, causing the tall, brown haired man to jerk awake. He yawned broadly, as he scratched his neck, squinting at the screen. “Huh.” He tapped the screen once. “Lights, ko, lights!” The whole area lit up.  The walls were massive windows looking out into the void of space, and surrounding the man was panels, after panels of graphs, numbers, and dials. At a tiny space at the very back was a small skinny door.

He shoved against the console and bounced out of his chair.  He flattened his eyebrows in a pointed glare at the screen in front of him. “You better not be lying, you piece of worthless junk.” He shook his fist at the main window of the craft.

The man stumbled backwards over his chair to the door, hitting a round, glossy, red button. “Everyone up. I found a huge load of limonite, and we gotta get to work.”

He banged on the small door. It popped open revealing a huge line of bunk beds.

A red haired woman stuck out from one the bunks. “Do you have to be so loud? We haven’t even landed yet, Girgis.”

“Aren’t you excited, I’m excited.” Girgis responded with a big flashy grin.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re just happy our pay isn’t going to go to waste.”

“Maybe!” He shouted as he barreled down the hallway toward the back. He slammed on the panel next to the much larger door that snapped open.

A flood of groans was in response to all the light flooding the room.  A few small pillows were tossed his way.

He rushed inside, as the door shut behind him. It was large, and mostly empty with equipment strapped to the sides. “Soon, sweetheart you’ll be full of beautiful ore.” He jogged over to a blue panel and started to punch in landing coordinates. He slammed on another red button. “Landing procedure initiated, get yourselves ready. We’ll be down in half a day. I’m going to go hit the sack, so I’ll be out of your hair.  Jin take over.”

He ambled over to right side, pushed a narrow door open.  It lead to a cramped room with just enough room for a narrow bed, toilet, and basin. “And when I wake up, we’ll be planet side.”

With a few deft movements, he folded his covers back.  He stripped down throwing his clothes in a scattered pile around his room.  He dashed his face with water, and grinned.  “Planet side, sweetheart, planet side. Aren’t those the most beautiful words, you have ever heard?”  He cocked his head to the side as if listening to the ship.  He chuckled, and wrapped himself up in bed, and was soon snoring.



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2 responses to “Strange, Blue Neighbors, Part 1

  1. I want to go planet side 😦 when are they picking me up? Intergalatic road trip!

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