People of the Sky, Part 2

The light increased until it was blinding. I moved back, and shaded my eyes. It was worse than staring into Ein. Without warning, the light disappeared and I was left staring at creature before me. Tall, slender, with a large oval head, and eyes on the sides, instead of front facing. Lines of black fringe traced up the side of its head. It’s mouth was below its chin. The skin looked smooth, but marred with large black spots on the yellow color. It tilted its head at me. Shivers went up and down my spine. It open and closed its mouth making a tittering sound. 

I flashed a warning sign against evil. I hadn’t made it, since I was a little girl. 

A thin hand raised flicking once as it continued to sit there, watching me with its large black eyes. Two more came out, these wore some kind of metal armor barreled toward me.

I started to move back, my heart beating my ears. 

They were too fast. Arms fastened around me as I struggled, screaming for anyone to run. I felt a burst of pain behind my right ear. Their hands shoved me to the ground, and as one they stepped back. 

I shook my head back and forth. The pain dissipated. I lifted my eyes to see the first one was inspecting me. 

It tilted its head one way, and then the other. It opened its mouth again, from this angle I could see the rows of sharp teeth. The words were just as confusing, but then a second voice in my mind repeated the words back to me, in a proper language. “I greet you, primitive. I am Priest of Jirth. We have come to this world, to grant you the benefit of Jirth wisdom.” 

I blinked. Something ripped me, deeper than fear, I could not respond. The first time, in my life, I realized I was completely beyond my depth. 

Primitive, do you understand?” Something, I did not know what, told me there was annoyance in its tone. 

I shook my head. “I do not understand anything of what is going on.” 

Priest of Jirth reached out a three fingers hand placed it on my head. “Yes. This is much for your simple mind. However, Jirth have landed on many of your villages. You, primitive, are the first to answer.” Priest lifted its hand. “You are capable of greater understanding. What is your title, primitive?” 

My first coherent thought was how much I detested being called ‘primitive’. I bit my tongue, and cleared my throat. “Administrator Rilas.” 

It seemed to think this over. “And what is your duties?” 

I had to pause to gather my wits. I desperately wanted to ask, what this creature was, where it was from, why was it here, how I could understand it. I sensed with some deep-rooted instinct to not ask. “I administer justice, make sure taxes are paid, deliver reports of how the crops, and animals are faring. Also, because this is a small community, I also educate the townsfolk, and children in their numbers, reading, and writing.”

You are a Teacher of Jirth, now.” It declared lifting its hands in the air. 

If you are confused reading this now, you must know, I was just as confused experiencing it. I pushed myself off the ground, groaning at the strain it caused in my bad knee. “You need to explain all of this.” 

The Priest nodded. “Yes. I will go to your homestead.” 

I don’t think.” I started to say, thinking of how the villager’s would react. 

Do not worry, Teacher of Jirth, Administer Rilas, all is well.” It strode past me, I followed behind it. Its strides were short, I suspect it was moving slower for my benefit.

As we walked down the main road people started to panic. I took a deep breath, “Please, calm down. I don’t know what this creature intends, but so far it has been peaceful. Spread the word, they are, for now, peaceful.” I spoke the same phrase to every knot of villagers we came across. 

We reached my home, and it swept in without asking me to enter. I walked in, and it was sitting on one my stools watching me with its strange eyes. “I need to understand what is going on.” I sat at the kitchen table next to the counter. 

Yes, Teacher of Jirth. Jirth are my people. We hail from other stars. What is the name of your star?”

I rubbed my temples. Once, I read a theory, by a heretic by the Church of Light, that stars were an Ein of another world. Each star might have a world like our own. It was complicated text, I could barely follow. “It is called Ein. Do you fly special ships to reach here? We have ships that only travel on water.”

The Priest nodded. “Yes, you are more advanced than I realized, Teacher of Jirth. Are you better educated than most?” 

Probably.” I had attended the university at Ein’s Halo, the capital. 

Good.” Jirth skin darkened for a moment much like a half-ripened fruit. “You are the first to not flee upon meeting Jirth. Your mind can absorb things beyond what it has known, far beyond. You will be important to our cause.” 

I fear you.” I spoke, emphasizing each word. I did not want there to be any confusion. Priest of Jirth had to understand I was panicking to the very marrow of my soul.

Priest of Jirth bobbed its head. “Fear no, panic yes. You will be our Ambassador of Jirth, and Teacher of Jirth to your people. What do your people call yourselves?”


Priest of Jirth stood up. “Come, Administer Rilas of Einalri.” 

I followed the strange creature. This was my second mistake.


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  1. My favorite line = “Primitive, do you understand?” Something, I did not know what, told me there was annoyance in its tone. 

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